The IT shnik Senkevich going in mayors of Nikolaev, considers that on these elections it is more favorable that Granaturov

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Alexander Senkevich
The candidate in mayors of Nikolaev, an IT shnik, the director of firm «Kvadralodzhik» Alexander Senkevich told that is afraid that is necessary to him «to subscribe for any swindles» in case of its election as the mayor this year. In this regard, in his opinion, it is more favorable to acting mayor Yury Granaturov to win these elections.

He told about it during the press - conferences in the apartment on Tuesday, May 6.

So, speaking about the future team which will realize its election program, Senkevich told that in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies there have to be best shots. Work of officials, in his opinion, it is necessary to automate and reduce number of people, not coping with the duties.

- We will employ as each person, investigating his summary. I at present have no people whom I would like to leave behind any places. I understand that the main motivation at people are money. One of ways of increase in welfare of the official is reduction of number of employees of executive committee for more effective work. There has to be an automation, a computerization. At work there have to be the best. Thus, when we reduce necessary number of people, monetary weight remains same, and workers get paid more, - the IT shnik told.

Thus, the candidate in mayors noted that is afraid to be mistaken and not to realize something.

- I am afraid to mess up. I am afraid that it is necessary to subscribe for any swindles. Therefore I want to make the most transparent decision-making, - Senkevich told.

- I am afraid to lose reputation for these one and a half years therefore it is more favorable to Yury Granaturov to win this plan now. Because he will be responsible for those acts which he already did. I mean budget waste and so on. It will be able to work further under this budget and to finish everything, - Senkevich declared.

At the same time, Alexander Senkevich considers the Acting mayor Yury Granaturov as the person with a wide experience of administrative work.However, at the same time, in his opinion, the personnel Granaturova has no belief in it.

As Alexander Senkevich noted, one of unpopular decisions in its program is the offer on paid journey on bridges.

- You come around on the bridge, you pay, as in the USA, Europe. Big freights weigh, can be it in general it is impossible to start to the city, - the IT shnik told.

Also the candidate in mayors touched upon a subject and pro-Russian people. On a question of journalists, whether it in something will overpersuade and tell them with them, Senkevich answered:

Alexander Senkevich with the wife Katerina
- I didn't construct such tool by means of which I could convince them that deceive them. In their main weight, these people live on memoirs, they connect it with the youth.

In his opinion the social inequality compels people to leave and support country split.

- If to look on Maslou's pyramid, they are at the bottom level: they have no money for eating. And good Ukraine for them is less important tomorrow, than good food today. Social injustice pushes them to stand under a monument. They in the majority at all don't know that such federalization. There was a substitution of concepts, - Senkevich considers.

In his opinion, it is necessary to lift welfare of people and they will cease to leave under monuments.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the candidate in mayors of Nikolaev, an IT shnik, the director of firm «Kvadralodzhik» Alexander Senkevich for 2013 I earned at the enterprise more than 2,5 million hryvnias and at present are the richest of candidates already registered by city electoral commission.

Thus, as it appeared, Senkevich lives in the three-room small apartment in Leninsky district of Nikolaev and builds the house.

Анастасия Баранова

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