At Yushchenko declared that Onopenko parted corruption, raiding and an other keleberdyaystvo

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The chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine V. Onopenko has to begin the solution of problems in legal proceedings with himself before expressing claims to the head of state.

So the Deputy head of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine Igor Pukshin commented on Onopenko's open letter to the President of Ukraine.

According to I. Pukshin, under the chairmanship of mister Onopenko the Ukrainian system of legal proceedings turned from a justice source for all citizens into the mechanism of political and economic raiding for his party colleagues.

"Actually courts became closed joint stock companies where political sworn brothers of mister Onopenko received a controlling stake", - I. Pukshin noted.

"The role of the chairman of the Supreme Court in antisocial transformation of a judicial branch of the power is defining. After all it as the highest official of system never expressed a principled public stand of rather critical situation in legal proceedings, rather mass and system manifestations of corruption and the most shouting crimes with the assistance of people in judicial cloaks", - I. Pukshin noticed.

"And if to remember business of the judge V. Keleberda who passed an illegal decision concerning a suspension of action of the Decree of the President about dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada and purpose of early elections, for half a year after the relevant decision of court which recognized illegality of this resolution, the Supreme council of justice at all didn't deprive of Keleberdu of a judicial rank", - I. Pukshin noted. Under the leadership of Vasily Onopenko and representatives in the Supreme council of justice from a judicial branch of the power Council meetings which would have to consider a question of dismissal of the judge Keleberda which in the opinion of society, as well as the judge Zvarich, completely discredited a role of the independent and fair judge are blocked, reports a press - service of the head of state.


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