The advertizing market of the country promptly falls. On "a round table" in торгово - industrial chamber figures

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The advertizing market of Nikolaev discussed today, on March 12, in a course of "a round table" in a conference - a hall regional торгово - industrial chamber. In action took part not only representatives of public services and supervisory authorities, but also participants of "advertizing process" - businessmen - advertisers.

The director of RTPP, the deputy of city council Sergey Vlasenko, designated that today it is necessary to observe real reduction of outputs, sales. It became clear that the common economic problems are reflected and in the advertizing market - in particular, in number of orders.

The director of KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment", also the deputy of the City Council Alexander Omelchuk told that that growth which showed the advertizing market for three years (not less than 25% of a gain), promptly began to fall at the end of 2008. It was felt on themselves practically by all advertizing companies.

According to the All-Ukrainian advertizing coalition, in 2008 the advertizing market of the country made 6,78 billion hryvnias. From them 2,7 billion hryvnias is an advertizing on television, 2,05 billion - a print advertizing, slightly more than billion made the market of outdoor advertizing, 160 million - radio - advertizing, 100 million - advertizing in the Internet - resources.

According to forecasts, in 2008 this indicator again had to increase by 25%. However this forecast didn't come true - the market rose only by 17% in a grivenny equivalent, and in if to count in dollar, it fell to 20-25%. It should be noted actually a collapse of the advertizing market that couldn't but affect profitability and profitability of the companies which are engaged in advertizing, respectively - and on the amount of receipts in the budget from advertizing.

According to - on Omelchuk, in 2009 alignment of forces in the market of advertizing will change cardinally. Usually the budget of any firm is distributed in November - December.Now potential advertisers plan the expenses on advertizing no more than for a month - two forward, changing thus positions and types of advertizing media depending on efficiency.

Most difficult in this situation to operators of outdoor advertizing because besides the main expenses on them it is assigned also responsibility on payment of taxes for an arrangement of boards.

- Payment for use of the municipal earth, naturally, nobody cancels irrespective of, there is a customer or not, - Omelchuk told.

According to data of Association of outdoor advertizing of Ukraine, in December fullness of external carriers decreased to 46% though during the similar period of last year loading of advertizing carriers was about 95%.

Hard times wait also the printing periodical press. According to the Ukrainian association of publishers, in October - December the income of publishing houses fell to 70%. Reduction of prices of advertizing more than for 20-40% does the majority of publishing houses unprofitable. Some printing editions which it is quite perspective developed, today stopped the existence.

Outflow of advertizing money, according to the director "Esthetics bureau", TV men feel also. For September - November of the past year the "media" income of different TV companies significantly fell. Most of all small regional channels network advertizing on which considerably decreased suffered.

According to the monitoring center, TV commercial volumes fell in Ukraine almost ten times. In tens times the number of advertisers which give advertizing on television decreased also.

The All-Ukrainian advertizing coalition gives out such figures of falling of "advertising" activity: advertizing in the press - a minus of 10%, TV advertizing - a minus of 11%, radio - advertizing - a minus of 19%, advertizing at movie theaters - a minus of 22%, outdoor advertizing - a minus of 25%, TV sponsorship - translations - a minus of 25%, transport advertizing - a minus of 30%, internal advertizing - a minus of 30%. And only the Internet - advertizing added 20% in volumes of the development. Though those companies which operate with the advertizing market on the Internet, according to Omelchuk, say that earlier advertizing on the Internet developed much more big rates - in a year added from 100% to 200%...


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