Балога reported that Firtash – "is the person whom threw into a fire on eating up to natives"

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The head of the Secretariat of the President Victor Baloga doesn't see business - communications between Valery Khoroshkovsky and Dmitry Firtash, but sees that Yulia Timoshenko "wants to do some fighting".

He declared it in interview "to the Kommersant - Ukraine". We give a conversation fragment:

- Now the prime minister - the minister and her political force state claims how SBU investigation "runs "Naftogaz" business. What your position in the matter?

- You shouldn't substitute the law for policy. Not to define my business, there was a violation of the law (at the RosUkrEnergo gas customs clearance which chairman of the board of directors is Dmitry Firtash) or not. Let the SBU will make investigation, and the court will put the end in this case.

- But the first deputy chairman of SBU Valery Khoroshkovsky supervising this investigation, with Dmitry Firtash connect business - interests, in particular Inter TV channel...

- I don't see between them business - communications.

- However mister Khoroshkovsky on the press - conferences and in interview admits this fact.

- Even if such business is, I don't see in it a problem. Firtash is not a synonym of the evil and not a good synonym. Firtash is a person whom threw into a fire on eating up to natives only in order that Yulia Vladimirovna could do some fighting with someone. There would be no Firtash - there would be Khoroshkovsky. Or Poroshenko if he didn't go over in time to Tymoshenko, having started supporting her politician, or still someone.

- Nevertheless, representatives of BYuT now have an accurate argument. Whether it is correct, what the legal investigation, Dmitry Firtash connected with business, supervises its business - the partner?

- And why Yulia Vladimirovna turned on this attention just now, instead of one and a half years ago when appointed Khoroshkovsky the head of State customs? Because today it is favorable to it to speak about it and to settle scores.


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