Regions can work with anyone, but there are conditions

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The deputy head of fraction of Party of Regions Anna Hermann called prerequisites for the possible coalition between BYuT and Party of Regions.

"If BYuT won against pragmatical and healthy forces and if it was a question of possibility of realization of the Party of Regions of the program of recovery from the crisis prepared by experts, we with big gratitude would accept such support both from BYuT, and from any other parliamentary fraction", - she declared in interview UNIAN.

Hermann emphasized that in parliament there are no "those fractions with which we ("regionals") couldn't cooperate for the sake of an exit of Ukraine from crisis".

In her opinion, in connection with situation deterioration in Ukraine "more and more deputies in parliament will incline to that it is necessary to assume as a basis the anti-recessionary party program of regions, and it gives hope for any possible conglomerate of pragmatical forces in parliament".

"We with big pleasure would go to such conglomerate", - she added.

On a question, whether there are personnel ambitions an obstacle to its creation, Hermann answered:

"The prime minister - the minister has to be the person responsible which speaks less and does more, instead of populists who promise the moon, and now appeared before the broken trough".

She emphasized that the government has to be chosen "not on political expediency, and by professional criteria".

Making comments on the statement of the People's Deputy, the leader of the Ukrainian people's party Yury Kostenko for possibility of disorder of the coalition from - for an exit of members of UNP from it, Hermann told that "today the coalition and so doesn't exist as votes show that in it only 213 People's Deputies".

"Therefore if Kostenko leaves her, from it will be to nobody is hot, is cold", - she added.

"All the same this power isn't legitimate as the coalition isn't present", - Hermann emphasized.


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