Балога declares that Chernovetsky should be driven urgently a nasty sweeper and not to torment inhabitants of Kiev

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The head of the Secretariat of the President Victor Baloga at last - that noticed that "young team" of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky doesn't know how to improve life of inhabitants of Kiev, but knows how to steal the earth or to sell the municipal enterprises.

He told about it in interview "to the Kommersant - Ukraine". We give a conversation fragment.

- Situation in Kiev the difficult. Kiyevsovet already I discharged the secretary of conducting meetings, there were appeals to the president to oust Leonid Chernovetsky...

- I don't share opinion that the president has to oust the mayor. The law on the capital doesn't provide it. But the president is adjusted is very critical in relation to Leonid Chernovetsky. For the last two weeks it cancelled a number of decisions of the city hall. And I am compelled to note that the quantity of mistakes of the Kiev power grows.

- But in the secretariat said that there is a legal possibility of discharge of Leonid Chernovetsky from fulfillment of duties of the head of the Kiev state municipal administration (KGGA).

- Only for two months. And if the situation is critical, the president will use these the right.

- What has to occur?

- Yes already everything occurred! All organism of management is sick with Kiev, and it can't be cured by means of Chernovetsky's team. Why? Because there isn't present - except for several people - people who can really operate the capital. They don't know how to improve life of inhabitants of Kiev. Yes, they know how to steal the earth or to sell the municipal enterprises, but it doesn't approach Kiev to level of the European capital.

- That is early elections in Kiev are possible?

- I consider that they need to be carried out as soon as possible. Also it isn't necessary to torment inhabitants of Kiev.

- In this question your position coincides with BYuT position.

- Just doesn't coincide! According to my data, today BYuT any more doesn't support idea of change of the Kiev power. Tymoshenko met Chernovetsky, and they signed the non-aggression pact. Yes, in words Tymoshenko will continue to criticize Chernovetsky not to lower the rating. But in practice BYuT won't take any steps to replace the Kiev mayor. There is a good indicator:the government has the right to create the commission on check of violations of KGGA and many times promised to make it but why - that doesn't create it. It is a litmus piece of paper for relationship of the mayor and the prime minister. Until then while this commission won't earn and the question of how the chairman of KGGA carries out the functions won't be submitted for meeting of Cabinet of Ministers, it is possible to be sure that Tymoshenko and Chernovetsky have fine relationship.


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