Ambassadors of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic calmed Ukraine that miracles too happen

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Ambassadors of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in Ukraine consider that Ukraine not necessarily has to join the Plan of action concerning membership in NATO for the accession to North Atlantic alliance.

Ambassadors told about it, answering a question of journalists during meeting a press - club the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a subject: "10 years of membership in NATO: retrospective look".

"There is an experience of the introduction in NATO with PDCh and without PDCh. With PDCh or without PDCh is a minor question", - the ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jacek Klyuchkovsky told.

According to him, technical coordination is only one of criteria, the main thing is to reach a consent between the main political forces concerning the direction of development of a security policy and understanding of a place of Ukraine in Europe.

The ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Andras Barshon noted that in legal sense everything is possible. "Even if there will be PDCh next year or sometime, I will tell you about one problem without which membership in NATO - without 100% of demarcation of border is impossible. If in the country there is no official border and it can become a question, discussion with neighbors, of course, that the Alliance can't accept such country as it won't be clear where NATO border", - he told.

The ambassador of the Czech Republic in Ukraine Yaroslav Bashta noted that PDCh is only the program which helps the accession to Alliance.

"Probably, technically with PDCh it is easier, than without it, but both options are possible. Main is a decision which will be made: "yes" or not". And after that it is already possible to speak as", - he told.

As it was reported, Council of North Atlantic alliance at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs made on December 3, 2008 the decision to strengthen cooperation with Ukraine and Georgia, in particular, by creation of national year programs. At the same time Council didn't consider a question of granting PDCh to Ukraine and Georgia.


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