The team of the Nikolaev governor fell back into the old ways and decided to remember "Elections - 2004"?

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Last Sunday in 7 Village Councils of the Nikolaev area chose the rural heads. In two biggest Village Councils Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc won a convincing victory. About it reports a press - BYuT Nikolaev regional organization service.

Present elections in most cases forced to remember more than once election campaign of 2004-2005 when diligence of the governor Alexey Garkusha and his team the word "Nikolayevshchina" turned into a common noun for designation of various falsifications, abuses and violations of the law about elections - are sure Nikolaev Byutovtsa.

However, probably, Alexey Nikolaevich's these abilities drew attention of the Guarantor who has again put A. Garkusha to run area on the eve of the last elections in the Verkhovna Rada. And with the former boss the former team returned also. And with it - one of the most odious figures, left on itself oh what bad memory in the Zhovtnevy area - mister Stakhorsky. Here weren't forgotten its "heart-to-heart talks" with activists, opposition parties of Regions (whose interests Alexey Nikolaevich together with improvised) political forces, popular explanations for employees of budgetary organizations served then, as well as for whom it is necessary to vote, and what penalties wait disobeyed the highest command, and much, many other …

It appeared that anything from old methods wasn't forgotten, and in local councils some representatives of regional administration (in whose autonomy from the regional management it is believed with great difficulty) consider snap elections as an excess occasion to remind the voters who have got out of hand who in the house the owner, and also what party at us is today the national support only allowed for identification. On strange combination of circumstances the same Alexey Nikolaevich …

directs this "most highly resolved" party in our area

But - that wasn't, that wasn't: the ears I didn't hear that it gave instructions fresh to provide by all means a victory to exclusively candidates from Litvin's block.Who knows, can be its initiative improvised secretly among themselves agreed - and decided to make to the chief a surprise: he wakes up on Monday morning, and on all area in the Village Councils representatives of People's party order only!

There was no I and thus as mister Stakhorsky in Peresadovke declared to the staff of the Village Council: "Do that you want, but only our candidate" has to win, and to the staff of school promised immediate dismissal with "the wolf ticket" if only the head Blok's representative Lytvyna becomes rural not. I wasn't present, and therefore hearings persistently going across Peresadovka about what so all and was, I will sweep aside as provocative. But I have no bases to doubt truthfulness of the story of the candidate who has won these elections in the rural heads from Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc of Irina Beglitsy how the head of Zhovtnevy regional administration Stakhorsky, understanding what exactly it enjoys huge authority in the village, so - is the most probable applicant on rural the head, an hour and a half in succession convinced her to be withdrawn from elections to clear away the road to the candidate. By the way, concerning the road. In Peresadovke tell that the chairman of Zhovtnevy RGA was very dissatisfied with the road to church which businessmen - members of BYuT - constructed at the request of Irina Fiodorovna who has decided thus to realize dream of the untimely deceased priest of the father Vasily and to immortalize memory of it. The only words which were found by mister Stakhorsky about it, appeared: "And from where only this BYuT here undertook! ".

But, thank God, times when stakhorsky and others disposed, for whom to vote whom to support whom to trust passed. People learned both the price him, and their authorities. And therefore unconditionally supported candidates from Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. After all not for nothing in the New Testament it is told: "For them you recognize them" …

Yaroslav Indikov,

deputy of the Nikolaev regional council

From "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT": interestingly it turns out - for everything the proverb is known: "Clever studies on others mistakes, and silly as the …".And how to call what don't study neither as the, nor on others mistakes? Quite recently on our site the material under the name was published"Awards - for "it is national - party" accessory, or by what principle the governor chose the most worthy nikolayevets? ", in which there was a speech about that, in our area honourable awards and ranks are appropriated to a lump. Very strong love of representatives of executive power of the Nikolaev area to People's party of Ukraine is traced. 76% awarded in 2008 in the Nikolaev area appeared "People's party" predstaviteliya, and on elections in local councils pull too "litvinovets".
It is probably connected with that the Nikolaev regional organization "People's party of Ukraine" is headed by the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha.

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