The BIG credit for the BIG person

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This article was printed in the Nikolayevsky Business newspaper in 2007 but as we see is very actual and today. Recognizing that militiamen again "undertook" family business of the head of the Nikolaev regional council T. Demchenko

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", considers necessary to remind the readers all this history. Therefore we suggest you to remember about what wrote local mass media in 2007.

Elanetsky officials as under hypnosis, signed doubtful documents on the financial help from the state budget. It is difficult to foresee, the director of ChSP "Vanguard" Grigory Demchenko could apply for so impressive sum, be not it the spouse of the first person of area.

Fire without smoke doesn't happen

Probably, the head of regional council Tatyana Demchenko once again will be indignant so to keen interest of the Nikolaev press in its family business. Though it is time for it to get used to it: position at the regional official public, binding to observance of the current legislation and norms of human morals. And Tatyana Vasilyevna's spouse - Grigory Petrovich Demchenko, her second half, knows that to it too the public shows close attention. Therefore first we didn't believe disgusting hearings. And to discredit idle talks, the journalist of the Nikolayevsky Business newspaper, having postponed all current affairs, I went to business trip to the Elanetsky area.

Give - take!

Results of regional commission check more than "the most suspicious" farms of the Elanetsky area stunned fifteen. They helped to block illegal delivery of 829 thousand hryvnias of the state proceeds of credit. It is a pity that among applying for this sum, and, the largest in the area, there was also a director of ChSP "Vanguard" Grigory Petrovich Demchenko though until the last minute it wasn't believed that - the truth. The Elanetsky officials who are responsible for reliability of financial reports, also didn't open: yes, прогавили, pier:doubtful documents left to Kiev, and capital money is frozen now on accounts of regional treasury.

It is necessary to recognize, the partial state budgetary help in a type of the interest-free loan was looked forward by all farms of area. For example, only in the Elanetsky area of 73 enterprises planned to obtain about three million hryvnias of the credit. Besides, with the state where the political beau monde constantly changes to consist in tovarno - the monetary relations it is perspective - you look, something and will break off to the village.

And after all would receive, if not a special order of the regional state administration on recheck of reliability of the declared sums. As some figures painfully were doubtful. For example, from 44 farms at twelve reporting figures didn't coincide: some agricultural producers managed to include in financial credit inquiry even a value added tax. As a whole, quite solid sum turned out. For example, FG "Yulia" (head S. Chuksikov), included 768 hryvnias of the VAT, "Income" (I. Golovatyuk) - 1127, "the Basis-2006" (A. Bugayevsky) - 2538, "Aval" (V. Alkhimov) - 1609, "Crop" (A. Mashkin) - 1295, "Absolute" (O. Fedorenko) - 484, S. Peleshko's farmers - 3638, V. Shkurat - 173, S. Grechmak-1108, I. Gavenko - 806, V. Kulin - 35514 hryvnias …

But all in the area were outdone by two economy: private agricultural enterprise "Avangard Agrofirm (head G. Demchenko) and farm of "Oksamit" (M. Malyarenko). They carried … all actual losses in the column of expenses on the high-quality and hybrid seeds, that having increased the financial inquiries respectively by 772 thousand 428 hryvnias and 7 thousand 519 hryvnias.

It is a little probable that so impressive reporting column of expenses for high-quality and hybrid seeds of ChSP "Vanguard" couldn't but surprise and not disturb so skilled regional officials. Especially as the sums of financial inquiries were carefully sifted: the state assistance it was denied to thirty farms, not managed to document expenses. To whom as not to experts, it is known that Grigory Petrovich so simply never squandered money, and here well directly a misfortune any: financial calculations of the incurred expenses for high-quality and hybrid seeds in "Vanguard" in two, and even three times exceeded norm. Whether joke:each sowed hectare of winter wheat and winter barley flew to "Vanguard" … in 890, and peas and in general in 1100 hryvnias!

The commission lifted accounting documentation, turned on calculators, защелкала accounts: it appeared that in reality "Vanguard" spent for hectare of crops, on the average, as well as all other farms … 238, 257 and 527 hryvnias respectively.

Not seeds - a placer

For what so large sum interest-free, but nevertheless the returnable credit was necessary for Grigory Petrovich? Why risked the good name, reputation of the spouse, after all in a year this credit should be returned?

It seems that not to refuse to Grigory Petrovich foresight and intuition. And confirmation to that is the Internet. As it became known, the Cabinet of Ministers prepares innovations in the legislation: you look, and it is necessary to return nothing. Literally the other day I reported the vice-about it - the prime minister concerning agrarian and industrial complex Victor Slauta, speaking at exit meeting of board Cherkassk YEAH in Umani. He reported and about an outlined second tranche of 50 million hryvnias for compensation for adverse climatic conditions.

Frankly speaking, personally me surprises a little why to Grigory Petrovich and those who goes with him in a transport, in the area there was "a green street". Having faced the huge sum of costs of 772 thousand hryvnias, according to the logic of things regional experts had to sound the alarm at once: carried out - that inspection of crops without verification of primary documents. But didn't hammer.

The answer arises: not because Tatyana Vasilyevna Demchenko heads regional council and what from her how from the official of so high rank, a lot of things depend? And if something happens - and will settle?


"The Nikolaev business"

Deputy chief of Elanetsky regional managementElena SPINOVA: "None of experts deliberately never would go for violations. There was simply terrible haste: within three days it was necessary to collect all necessary documents therefore allowed negligence. For unfair performance of the official duties the guilty will be punished... "

Chief accountant of regional Deraptment of AgricultureLarisa CHUKHNOVA:"Then filed documents of 104 farms plus under two hundred individualists. 73 real applicants were selected. At these two farms of evil intention wasn't: they simply didn't understand, what expenses are required to be shown".

Senior assistant prosecutor of the Elanetsky areaAlexander GULPA: "A public prosecutor's inspection is at present carried out. While concrete I can't tell anything".



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