Yury Lutsenko will have the party

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On April 4 congress "Forward, Ukraine will take place! ", on which the decision on its renaming into National Self-defense party will be made. At the same congress the question of change of the leader of political force has to be considered. According to available information, it will be offered to Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko to rise at the head of NANOSECOND.

Yesterday acting chairman of the party "Forward, Ukraine! " Oleg Novikov declared that on April 4 in Kiev congress of this political force at which, probably, the decision on its renaming will be made will take place. "I was the initiator of renaming of party in "National self-defense" in May of last year and constantly I agitate for it, - mister Novikov told, having added that "today nobody can give to an absolute guarantee that it will occur".

According to sources in "National self-defense", "Forward, Ukraine! " it will be renamed, but business won't be limited to it. According to available information, at congress the decision that the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko becomes the leader of this political force has to be made. However, mister Novikov categorically disproved it. "It is impossible only for one reason - Yury Vitalyevich is Interior Minister, and the current legislation forbids civil servants of power departments to head any party structures (standard of Art. 18 of the law "About Militia"). You shouldn't go an incorrect way of "our Ukraine", Ukraine which has declared the president the chairman", - mister Novikov explained.

Meanwhile one of sources claims that Yury Lutsenko will be the leader of NANOSECOND: "He created "Self-defense" and has the full right it to head". It should be noted that in January he repeatedly declared that as social movement sputtered out NANOSECOND. "The party with accurate ideological installations is now necessary - the Makhnovism period for us is finished", - mister Lutsenko in one of interview told.

Of an environment of the Interior Minister are sure that the new party will consist not only of members "Forward, Ukraine! " - it will be entered also by representatives of party of Hristiansko - the democratic union (CDU) with which the NANOSECOND in the block of the same name went in 2007 on early parliamentary elections. It is known that at first the movement "National Self-defense" independently conducted propaganda campaign about need of re-elections in Rada, and then the Yury Lutsenko's National Self-defense block where NANOSECONDS, parties "Forward, Ukraine entered was created! " and CDU. In the summer of 2007 the block became a component of the megablock which has received the name "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" which was headed by Yury Lutsenko.

According to available information, organizers of transformations to parties count that its frame will be made by People's Deputies elected on a quota of "National self-defense". It is known that in their Verkhovna Rada 18. "Now with all deputies explanatory work is conducted that all of them have to become party members "National self-defense" and by that to start observing party discipline", - told a source. This information was confirmed by Oleg Novikov.

However, the initiative of attraction in National Self-defense party of 18 deputies can remain unrealized. It is known that deputies from NANOSECOND are two members of CDU - the chairman of the party Vladimir Stretovich and his first deputy Vladimir Marushchenko. "Now with them there are negotiations. We very much hope that they will join us, but we understand that it is very delicate question", - the source in NANOSECOND admitted.

Mister Stretovich reported that isn't going to dismiss CDU and, respectively, to enter "National self-defense": "If my colleagues consider that their ideology will have demand, I will wish them success and I will watch activity of the next party, but I won't dismiss the".

At congress, besides renaming of party and election of its chairman, according to available information, members of NANOSECOND plan to decide and on support of the candidate at presidential election. "Why all think, what Yury Lutsenko is ready to support only the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko? This decision will be made by congress, and among relatives we candidates can appear both Victor Yushchenko, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk", - declared a source, without having excluded that the party can make the decision and on promotion of the candidate for president - for example, the same Yury Lutsenko. But it yet didn't show presidential ambitions.On the press - whether conferences in Donetsk on a question "You will participate in presidential elections? " the minister answered: "I will be - I will come and I will vote".


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