The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine made the decision on the content of unique creation of the Nikolaev shipbuilders – the cruiser "Ukraine"

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yu. Tymoshenko signed the Order No. 307-р of March 18 in 2009 about purchase of the services connected with the maintenance of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the offer of the Ministry of Defence concerning implementation by it in 2009 of purchase of the services connected with the maintenance of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser, without application of requirements of Provision on purchase of goods, works and services for the public funds, the Cabinet of Ukraine approved by the Resolution of October 17 in 2008 No. 921 (The official messenger of Ukraine, in 2008 No. 80, the Art. 2692 No. 90, Art. 3006).

The Ministry of Defence is also allowed to carry out the previous payment of these services until the end of 2009 about what in January in 2010 in Ministry of Economics the report on results of purchase execution has to be submitted.

We will remind that the cruiser "Ukraine" is nearly 20 years in an unfinished state inNikolaev.

"It is worthy the best destiny", - considers ex-the commander of the Black Sea fleet admiral Igor Kasatonov.

"As it is possible to look quietly at how rusts and morally the remarkable Lobov guided missile cruiser (nowadays "Ukraine"), nearly two decades standing idle at plant of 61 Communards becomes outdated! Unless such destiny worthy this unique creation of handsNikolaevshipbuilders? " - he told in interview to the Evening Nikolaev newspaper.

"As for a present condition of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants, I can tell only one: the soul when you see hurts, in what state they are today … Grow old not only the ships - grow old people and leave, without having managed to open the talents up to the end. Some years there is with us no Yury Ivanovich Makarov with whom I was connected by long long-term friendship. And many other veterans of the Nikolaev shipbuilding already were out of work long ago, without having managed to impart to descendants the invaluable knowledge. And after all it is world-class specialists! Their know-how is invaluable as it is possible to treat that collected centuries in the Nikolaev shipbuilding so prodigally! " - the admiral stated.

Before the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine declared that conducts negotiations on sale of the cruiser "Ukraine" of Russia.


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