Meeting of executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council is covered with a gloom: the authorities wanted to hide from citizens that the waste burning plant will be constructed within the city!

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Today the next meeting of executive committeetook placeNikolaevcity council.

For the unclear reasons, the staff of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of journalists in a hall refused to let, having referred to that, the regulations allegedly provided "closeness" of meeting of executive committee from representatives of mass media.

And here after our correspondent declared, will go to the mayor and will ask about it personally it - officials why - that became nervous. And after all, in turn, members of executive committee (in particular - Tamil Bugayenko) a question of closeness of meeting it is very sure answered that,There is no meeting supposedly OPEN!

The mayor at meeting of executive committee didn't appear, after all if Vladimir Dmitriyevich was present, representatives of mass media in a hall would let. In it doubts don't arise. And so passions simply asked to be removed and not to heat journalists.

Here to you and transparency of the power! What members of executive committee so diligently tried to hide from citizens?

As it appeared, the question of construction of waste recycling plant in Nikolaev became the main subject which was discussed at meeting of executive committee of city council.

Probably for bigger masking this question wasn't included at all in the agenda. In the absence of the mayor, his deputy presided over meetingA. Zhenzherukh.

The question of waste recycling plant was brought by ear by the deputy of the mayor, the director of the department of housing and communal servicesVladimir Novozhilov, and as the lecturer the head of department of environmental protectionactedTamara Bakurskaya. She reported that else in June, 2008 the working group on a choice of the project of waste recycling plant which prepared offers was created. Who is included into this group and on what principle projects are selected - it isn't known.

At once it became clear that the lecturer and V. Novozhilov "stretch to the purpose" two projects offeredInternational association "SOLEV" and JSC UKR EKO SPK.It was offered to recognize projects of these two contestants priority. In total 18 projects were submitted.

One of plants on waste recycling, according to speakers, has to be constructed in Nikolaevsk the area, and the second - waste burning -within the city, on Novozavodskoy Street.

Many members of executive committee were surprised, to put it mildly, by such "impartial" relation of the city authorities to these two projects. And even more surprised the offered location of one of objects - within the city.

Debate was very rough. Against such succession of events offered by the city authorities, acted, in particular,Elena Kiselyova, Alexander Kurchenko and Alexander Zholobetsky.

As a result it was decided to take information into consideration and to carry out repeated, but already independent examination of projects, after all before, it "proyektovydvizhenets" ordered.

Deputy of the Nikolaev mayor,director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir NovozhilovI remained it is dissatisfied with such course of events and I continued to insist on that these projects remained priority.

The matter was postponed for the following meeting of executive committee.

Meeting of executive committee took place, but questions all the same remain - who and by means of what "forced" V. Novozhilov to defend these two projects? After all all understand that in the city the garbage can't be burned! And what important issues appeared at the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika, what he couldn't visit meeting? Or everything went, as well as was conceived?


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