The deputy of the Russian State Duma told the Nikolaev journalists that the entry of Ukraine into NATO will end российско - with the Ukrainian war

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Within celebration 65 - the anniversaries of liberation of Nikolaev to our city on a visit there arrived the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Maxim Mishchenko who besides is the leader of the All-Russian movement "Russia Young".

Yesterday, on March 27, Maxim Mishchenko met students of ChGU of the Item. Graves. During this meeting the question российско - the Ukrainian relations was raised. In particular, youth movements RS and Ukraine, and also prospect of their cooperation were considered.

After that in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies I took place a press - conference at which the deputy of the State Duma shared with present views of a present political situation which developed between Russia and Ukraine.

- Such impression that train us for the conflict, - Maxim Mishchenko declared. - After all movement of Ukraine towards NATO causes fears as it is a military alliance. If Ukraine enters NATO, it will end with war between fraternal peoples.

That now "is created" between the countries, according to the Russian politician, is a consequence of the thought-over policy of the USA to separate people.

- NATO is a tool for advance voyenno - political interests of America, - Maxim Mishchenko considers.

Instead of P.S. :"Certainly, to the people war isn't necessary... However the policy is defined always by leaders, and to them to involve the country in war as easy as shelling pears: whether democracy it, parliamentary republic, fascist or communistic dictatorship. With vote or without it, the people always can force to be done that is favorable to masters. This business simple. Everything that it is necessary to make - so to tell it to people that them attacked and to convict pacifists of lack of patriotism, and also that they endanger the country and betray its interests... ".

Hermann Goering (from performance on the Nuremberg process)


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