Yushchenko considers that he "goes one step ahead" the stupid Ukrainian people

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Therefore also a rating at it such.

Staying in Prague, the President Ukraine was interview to the newspaper the "Business", which fragment we give below:

Question:What do you feel, knowing, what four years ago to you treated as the national hero, and today your popularity sharply fell (according to some information, up to 2%)?

Answer:I won't make comments on percent, but I understand that the politician who speaks about Stalin terror and the Holodomor which visits every month Brussels and advances membership in NATO, won't collect popularity points. If I look for those four years during which I hold the position, I see that Ukraine strongly changed. Four years ago we dreamed of the agreement with EU about partnership, now we already created the agreement on associable membership. Four years ago we dreamed of the common energy market, today we speak about that in a year - two to create the power pool system. We prepared already two thirds of the agreement on a free trade zone. Two years ago we agreed about a new visa regime with the countries of the Schengen area, and began negotiations on a visa-free regime in general three months ago. In four years Ukraine became much closer to Europe. The politician has to be always one step away ahead though not all will understand him at once. I am happy that I live during this time.

Question:It means, what you will propose himself as a candidate again to a position of the president?

Answer:I will tell you about it in the summer.


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