The Ukrainian autotraders stocked up on not cleared cars

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The Ukrainian autotraders store in warehouses not cleared cars waiting that the government will cancel 13%-a ny extra charge to duty.

Importers of cars refuse to obtain customs clearance for cars which they imported into Ukraine after March 6, reports "BUSINESS". From this date the law about additional 13%-came into force ache to an extra charge to the import duties, including on cars. As a result car dealers store the goods in warehouses without customs clearance counting on that additional duty will be shortly cancelled.

In the Ukraine Honda company to "BUSINESS" reported that after March 6 on a company warehouse in Kiev region the new party of a car of Honda was delivered. "We wait when the extra charge to duty will be cancelled. Till this time to obtain customs clearance for these cars there is no sense - in warehouses of car dealers there are a lot of goods, and to trade at the new, high prices of sense isn't present", - the head of marketing "Ukraine Honda" Alexander Podolyanko explained. According to him, for the same reasons the company postponed sales of the new Honda Jazz model. The autotrader is sure that will be unprofitable to sell it at the new prices.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, not cleared car can be in the territory of Ukraine till 90 calendar days. It means that if in the next three months 13%-Nye the extra charge isn't cancelled, importers should obtain customs clearance for the imported cars on existing rates.

Nevertheless some importers found a way out and of this situation. So, not to import a car into Ukraine at inflated prices, importers do an advance payment, however cars don't take away, and store them on squares of the producer. "The small sum is paid for cars, and the importer in the future will be able to redeem the cars", - the general director of All-Ukrainian association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko explains.

Generally now exclusive cars are imported into Ukraine on new rates under the order of buyers for whom cost doesn't play great value. "Now all autoimporters imported into Ukraine cars by March 6 on old duties, and within half a year when this temporary extra charge will work, will import in large quantities a car nobody. Such brands, as Mercedes or BMW can be the only exception.Initially the presentation of their new models passes in the homeland therefore new exclusive cars will be already imported on new rates, but generally it will become under the order", - makes comments on Nazarenko.

However not all importers are sure that 13%-Nye the extra charge will be cancelled soon. "In spite of the fact that both the president, and the prime minister - the minister addressed in the Verkhovna Rada with the offer to cancel additional 13%-ny collecting, we expect that it won't occur and the parliament won't accept removal of an additional extra charge", - the public relations coordinator "Nissan the Ukraine Motor" Tatyana Gordiyenko speaks.

In "Ukraine Toyota" also for cancellation of an extra charge don't hope, and the new party of a car will be imported into Ukraine according to the current legislation.

Meanwhile at all the official importer of Mitsubishi in Ukraine - the company "NIKO trading house didn't import new cars. "Prior to extra charge action we filled up our warehouses with new cars", - the director of the department of marketing and company advertizing Yaroslav Vovk tells.


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