Sergey Isakov – Nikolaev "face" of Arseniy Yatsenyuk

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Again in our small territory a small alarm.

There was a new hero, or the new victim, and it is interesting to all who will personify this time new the Messiah.
The speech about Yatsenyuk, Sergey Isakov became the head of which regional organization already practically in the Nikolaev area.

Yatsenyuk - the good boy.

Educated, with the pleasant Jewish appearance, in time to visit both National Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and now representing expectations of the Ukrainian people about new faces in the Ukrainian policy.

Yes, premature as childbirth, parliamentary elections are quite possible. I will tell you more: and premature presidential election quite isn't excluded. Now only matter in the one who will settle in the Central Election Commission. And ша, it is possible to arrange everything. Behind this Central Election Commission also there was all business.

At Yushchenko there something else doesn't suffice, and at Tymoshenko doesn't suffice already.

In total!

If it, we already precisely would know when also whom us to choose.

And if it is serious, and the truth, inevitability of early parliamentary elections is almost predetermined. Regionals treat this need so: presidential elections don't mean government change, it is necessary therefore to change all and at once.

Yushchenko thinks that he will manage to part both regionals, and presidential with parliamentary elections.

Tymoshenko thinks that against Yanukovych's bows with Yushchenko it as Kravchuk, will slip between droplets and will seize both of them. Anything that for the sake of it it is necessary to destroy the remains of orange adherents - a main goal much more important than former merits.

Cries of sociologists that the people were bothered by all these games that the people are eager for other, new leader, and together with it and new faces in the Ukrainian policy, too are considered.

You don't want Gritsenko with his sharp statements for need of a rigid hand, - it isn't necessary.

We will present you unique education - pink and ruddy, young, but not green - Yatsenyuka.

And if to try to clear in the course of promotion it of a peel of "our Ukraine", to clear of Yushchenko's stratifications, that, you never can tell, maybe, and it "will drive" as a banner of those who and former doesn't want, and in the present doesn't trust.

The logic is obvious:Yulya is unscrupulous, her throwings from nationalists reached all Russophiles. As a result it can lose both that, and these. Behind a hillock it perceive more likely as a top - model, than as political figure, in the country - as the passionate adventurer who isn't knowing precisely whom more expensive to offer themselves.

Yanukovych, he, it seems, also wants, and to Russia is loyal.

But not always the one who is faithful, is the one who is necessary. Obviously faithful wife becomes uninteresting, especially, when proofs of her fidelity miscalculate for ten steps forward, especially, if it almost its only advantage.

Yushchenko's illogicalness still invigorates.

It lost everything that had.

And what it had? Ill-matched "our Ukraine"?

That in which, in particular, Alexander Sadykov with Andrey Tumanik in Nikolaev promised "to lift" pig-breeding...
And now their political colleague Chervonenko on capital current - show proves the fighting capacity, lifting "lady" on shoulders to prove, what it the most cool in Ukraine the man?

I will remind that owing to "graters" in local "NUNS" there was ETs link - the Uniform center.

To what scandals there was this division!

And Alexander Sadykov, the former governor, wanted to reserve leadership in party structure of NUNS was a boundary of this scandal.

The question - why - and remained without answer.

But then it managed it. As Nikolava was succeeded before to persuade the deputy Sergey Isakov of that time to stand in mayors.

Today all know that the candidate Isakov of that time wasn't eager to be got involved in mayor race. But "if the party tells it is necessary"...

On last elections he lost to the acting mayor. However, I lost not only it - entered a regional council of NUNS in the minimum structure, and into the City Council didn't enter at all.

Anything, "humiliated and offended" "the" shots in new YEAH which after Sadykov again was headed by Garkusha sustained and tried to keep postelective shock.

In the beginning squabbles of former administration from the new were perceived even cheerfully: cool, when inside there are fights without rules. But then everything silently withered, and about "dissenting opinion" of Isakov which, generally concerned only his personal employment, all silently forgot. And who could think what exactly now, later so many time, this name will arise again, but already as "the new person of the Ukrainian policy"...

Isakov - the man harmless.Perhaps, its merits also are settled by it.

When it became the second on mayor elections, it, of course, there was plus to it. But more is there was a minus to Vladimir Chaika.

And the last very well understood it. In the beginning he sharply negatively reacting to any public manifestation of social movement "Our city" on which at this stage Sergey Isakov had a direct bearing, tried to position this structure as alien to a city community. But in a consequence, after a train of informal negotiations, I found "common language" with activists of it allegedly independent movement.

They "settled" "untouchable" questions and agreed about the maximum interaction.

Now any "performance" of public organization got "ready response" of the mayor - with the invitation to City Council session "for the further solution of the ripened problem".

Course safe.

If session "takes into account" the next turmoil - honor and praise to the mayor and public organization. If doesn't accept - even better, "selling deputies forgot long ago about needs of a city community".

But it in the relative past. Found Chaika and coming to him on heels on elections Isakov common language - and thank God. But it only from the our primitive point of view. To agree them, to the former opponents, and still it is more - to pass of that in allies, years were necessary.

Bows and common interests which shouldn't suffer were necessary... To Vladimir Dmitrich in his present borders it is close and unsafe.

Also bothered.

To it to dump where - нибудь, and options appear with a regularity of mushrooms after a rain.

And it drove to BYuTU, and to Chernovetsky made up.

It didn't turn out.

Owing to circumstances. Both there, and there now others are necessary - young, impudent and with money. At big desire it could win (or to buy) a place in the sun. But he wants guarantees.

And nobody gives guarantees to it and won't give.

Guarantees don't give not only to it, but also newly made heads of the regional organizations.

Actually, what promise Yatsenyuk's representative in the Nikolaev area Isakov?

And anything.

To his henchman Sergey Kartsev who in 2006 was declared in the NSNU lists in a regional council, and in the bloc of parties of pensioners of Ukraine registered by the Central Election Commission (created from Party of pensioners and Party of protection of pensioners), at No. 7 - as the deputy governor Sadykova - too only dreams.

They count on delicious places in parliamentary lists? In vain. To organize Yatsenyuk's regional structure on ruins in the Nikolaev area to NSNU structure - a big problem.

On the one hand, those who remained in NUNS, maybe, with delight will apprehend Arseny - the Messiah as the new leader.
If see basic updating of structure.

Whether but they will see it in the person of Isakov?

To Isakov freight of regional structure too can appear not on a shoulder. Not meeting to collect it it is real перешерстить real and not real симпатиков Yushchenko because Yatsenyuk's electorate is Yushchenko's electorate of a sample of 2004.

It is called, to win back back and to repeat the gained effect.

Why isn't present?

Disappointed with Yanukovych's hlipkost, Vitrenko's staginess and Tymoshenko's egocentrism can look for alternative.
Why not to become this alternative to Yatsenyuk?

It has an ingenious justification - it the new person of the Ukrainian politka.

It if to look from far away. Then everything is beautiful, everything is correct, everything is logical. But to us it "the fine is far" for a long time and with order bothered. We would like here, directly, the nobility, who, from where, where and why.

Exposing Isakov in area, "the new hope of the nation" showed us everything that we can expect from it.

"The new person" it didn't turn out. At best we can count on "plastic surgery" of old party structure of NUNS which result depends only on skill of "plastic surgeon".

For a role of the surgeon Isakov doesn't pull in principle.


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