Problems of the Nikolaev businessmen will end soon? In Nikolaev work on creation of branch enterprise councils

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Today, on April 1, in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies special meeting - meeting withtook placeNikolaevbusinessmen, namely - with representatives of the advertizing sphere. However, these representatives gathered not densely - in a hall wasn't and 15 people, but on it the city authorities only "make a helpless gesture": pier, invited - didn't come. So, it was necessary what "to confer" only with what expressed desire to be. Why the others didn't come - it isn't known, probably they have no problems, and probably people simply ceased to trust the authorities. But as though there wasn't, meeting nevertheless took place.

The first the floor was taken by the head of the Nikolaev representation Goskompredprinimatelstva Valery Vetrov who told present about the project of the Cabinet of Ukraine. This project provides creation in all branches of business of the branch councils which representatives will be then a part of the commissions of council of business.

According to Valery Vetrov, in the Nikolaev area work on creation of such councils in different spheres of the business activity which common goal - to adjust activity of each certain sphere for all subjects - businessmen, the authorities, and also consumers is already begun.

All businessmen present at a hall agreed that such branch council is necessary, after all "alone to solve problems very difficult, and sometimes it is simply impossible". However the message that the project of such council in Nikolaev is already created and even the one who will head it (deputy mayor Leonid Fomenko) is elected - "surprised" advertisers a little.

Leonid Fomenko declared, what he didn't enter itself(himself) there, and him entered (interestingly, who? ).

"Perhaps among you there is authoritative and dear colleague who would like to take this place? ", - the deputy of the mayor at the present took an interest. Settled that this question will be solved later, probably, one more meeting at which the question with structure of the council and its head for now it was offered to businessmen to sound available problems in their sphere of business will be solved will take place.

The problem concerning the size was declared to the first beat - boards on Lenin Avenue. We will remind that else in 2005 the city council made the decision on a placement ban on this prospectus of advertizing designs 3х6 with the requirement to replace them with designs of 3х4 in size. According to businessmen, the size 3х6 is universal and for them is the most acceptable.

In addition, concern of the Nikolaev advertisers was caused also by the project of arrangement of city streets according to the new General plan of Nikolaev. So, in the new project coordination with already existing advertizing designs disappeared.

Were called and more the general for all businessmen of a problem, in particular were heard complaints to "Nikolayevoblenego", first of all are advance payments for the electric power and shutdowns failure to pay (though actually in most cases everything is already paid, it is simple confirmation didn't manage to come from bank).

With all sounded problems the city authorities promised to understand and, whenever possible, to solve them. As for a question of creation of branch council, it will be solved at the closest session of the City Council. As Leonid Fomenko declared, this council will be approved in a month as both the mayor, and the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies support idea of its creation.


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