Novinsky of 61 Communards already doesn't want to enter into plant?

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About results of the checks initiated by the regional state administration with participation of supervisory authorities, on GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards", GP NPKG "Zorya" -" Mashproyekt" and GAHK "CHSZ" I told on April 2 on a press - conferences the governor Alexey Garkusha.

On "CHSZ" check still goes, on "Zore" - "Mashproyekt" checking didn't reveal any disturbing symptoms, except for influence of financial crisis, and here on "61 - му" a question special.

In - the first, on the state enterprise the operating business firm is put.

"If the investor agreed to enter into this enterprise, I think, it would be not the worst option. But in connection with a crisis situation there are big doubts that it will come. Judging by reaction to our addresses, the intentions it changed", - A.Garkusha told.

In - the second, the enterprise has solid accounts payable in total amount of 105 million UAH, thus very large sums the plant has to "CHSZ", to "HSZ", Yuneks bank and several more structures.

"If to look narrowly, between these structures corporate communication and intention to concentrate all these credits at one enterprise is accurately traced. Why it becomes, conclusions it is possible to draw and expect further steps", - the governor is sure.

Therefore the head of an oblgsosadministration, being past week in the capital, I addressed to the minister of industrial policy with the offer to hold separate meeting on definition of further destiny of plant.


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