The Odessa specialbattalion "Storm" told how in the Luhansk region was at war with regular army Russian Federation

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Specialbattalion «Storm» from Odessa returned from Georgiyevka, the Luhansk region where they conducted a battle with the Russian paratroopers from Pskov: the Ukrainian military managed to take 2 Russian BMD.

About it reports "Gromadske of TB".

So, according to the military personnel who has come back from Georgiyevka, they had to be at war with active armed forces of the Russian Federation which attacked two Ukrainian posts and killed the Ukrainian soldiers staying on these posts. In addition, they hung out there a flag of airborne forces of Russia.

However by means of an airstrike and artillery of odesky "Storm" of national guard it was succeeded to beat off attack and to go to counterattack. As a result the Ukrainian military took two Russian BMD.

Fighters of the battalion "Storm" told about how are at war with paratroopers from the Pskov division, about their arms and providing. At one of the Russian soldiers found the diary where it was written that it was on parade in Belarus, and then signed the contract and went to war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian fighters also showed found in one of BMD documents addressed to the commander of the first of traffic regulations, guards of the captain Tseyzer.

- They are at war harmoniously, but the special heroism in them isn't present, - one of commanders of "Storm" told about impressions of fire contact with the Russian paratroopers.

In addition, the Ukrainian military noted that opponents are very well provided: since a form and to arms and finishing sack lunches with egoryevsky chocolate from Moscow.

Анна Бабакина

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