A quarter of all main sports Nikolaev area - the Central city stadium

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How to the Central city stadium prepares for a new football season, the director Leonid Ivanovich Kaluger told it.

- We actively prepare for continuation of games of the championship of Ukraine in the second league, - L. I. Kaluger tells. - It is necessary to hold the first game already on April 11. We pay special attention to a green lawn of a football field. Necessary fertilizers are introduced, the ukatka is twice carried out, ventilation is carried out. Just before game the field will be cut, rolled and marked. Our agronomist Valentina Florianovna Kulik here looks after 37 years a lawn! The field, alas, will correspond to an assessment "well". It is necessary to refer roughnesses to minuses of a field, partial lack of a grass in shooting areas. Such lawn has to be under repair time in seven - ten years. But such repair in all 44 years of existence of a field it wasn't carried out. During meeting which was held by the president of IFC "Nikolaev" N. N. Marchenko, us assured that the necessary equipment and equipment for care of a field will be acquired in the near future. We are disturbed sharply by a condition of an information display and a sound at stadium. New boards and sound stand now about one and a half and one million hryvnias respectively. These questions are brought in the stadium rebuilding plan, but the turn will approach to them a little later when will be repair of engineering networks and communications is carried out.
Plastic seats

- For today the western tribune is completely reconstructed, it is exactly one quarter of all arena. 3648 plastic seats are established, what even twice exceeds the approved norms for teams of the second league. Considering, all of us dream to see our team in the first league (there it is required to have five thousand places), we seek to equip as much as possible individual places quicker. Two more sectors are now almost ready to be equipped with chairs. By the way, the new progressive method of protection of metal from corrosion is applied recently: not painting, and galvanization. Possibly, we will manage to complete one sector (507 places) till April 11, and the second - until the end of a month. Problem one: genporyadryadchik - the Nikolayevstroyinvest company (director Tamaryansky Ivan Ivanovich) - already works at these sectors on credit at the expense of own current assets.This year two million hryvnias are allocated for reconstruction of stadium, from them the gepodryadchik received only six hundred thousand (they went for repayment of debts on construction of a toilet and the equipment of one sector). With introduction of two new sectors at stadium there will be 4662 places for the audience. Work on other sectors is continued. The new general contractor - JSC Telets-VAK - will execute reconstruction of the remained twenty sectors. I hope that to the middle of this year we will have twenty modern sectors that will allow to watch football in good conditions to eight and a half thousand audience. Yes, the stadium reserves the status of the combined - futbolno - track and field athletics.

Artificial lighting

- If you remember, on celebration 100 - the anniversaries of the Nikolaev soccer Vladimir Chaika stated a wish that in the spring the stadium was equipped with modern artificial lighting. We chose the lighting concept, the working draft is developed, all necessary contracts for supply of equipment, searchlights of the last generation are signed. The bases under masts are prepared, piles, etc. are hammered. The other day the first will be mounted a match of a new electric lighting (it can work in different modes - from 900 to 1500 luxury). Its approximate cost makes about eight million hryvnias. At new lighting we will be able not only to play, and and to be broadcast matches for the whole world. If there are no problems with financing, lighting will be already had this year.
From rarities - to the modern arena!

- Rarities of stadium there are wooden benches on the western tribune, the sound equipment of 1965 of release, the Hungarian board of quarter-century prescription of production. All this demands our attention, as well as full replacement of a lawn (the new carpet will have systems of electroheating and automatic watering) and racetracks. And, replacement of a lawn borrows not so already and a lot of time - about only two months. On April 11 the new modern toilet will open the doors. Its construction answers implementation of the program of care of the audience: equipment of convenient places and all the rest. "Nick" bar is ready to accept all fans, wishing to be supported on soccer. While at stadium reconstruction proceeds, I recommend to fans to come for stadium from Sportivnaya Street, from where the closest way to the western tribune. The entrance on stadium for visit of football matches remains free.We will sell tickets for matches, on all vidimostiya, already upon termination of reconstruction. So, dear fans, we invite you to visit matches of our favorite team of IFC "Nikolaev"!


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