Балога pushed Yushchenko to simultaneous elections and to Tymoshenko "not to run away"?

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The president Victor Yushchenko really agreed on carrying out simultaneous parliamentary and presidential election.

According to newspaper sources "The businessman - Ukraine" in the secretariat of the president, this decision allegedly was final is approved on Friday morning, and as his initiator the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga acted.

Baloga confirmed that took part in preliminary discussion of this initiative, and assured that Yushchenko agrees to reduce the term of the stay at presidential post.

"Presidential elections will be on October 25 early because under the Constitution they should be carried out on January 17, 2010. But for the president additional three months of stay in power as in this case on a game the country future", - was declared by Baloga aren't critical, having added that joint early elections will be "reflection of national will".

"Go outside and ask passersby that they think of the power. And then specify about whom they so badly think - of the prime minister, the president or parliament. It is sure, you will be told that about all. Thus, "reset" too should be carried out in all branches of the power at the same time", - the head of the secretariat of the president explained.

Making comments on the edition on an appeal of the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych "not to delay till October 25" simultaneous presidential elections and parliament, and to carry out them earlier, Baloga told: "There will be it on October 25 or on September 25 - it isn't so important. It is necessary that there was a political will for carrying out a hard reset of the power".

However, the newspaper notes, the legal scheme of joint elections doesn't provide possibility of change of date as is based on the resolution of parliament on presidential election on October 25.

It is supposed that Yushchenko won't challenge this resolution in KS and will issue the decree about the early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada, having appointed parliamentary elections to the same date. Formal reason for the decree about dissolution probably will be that fact that less than 226 deputies are a part of the operating coalition.

For carrying out simultaneous elections situational support of the majority of deputies of parliament is necessary to the president.However, according to Balogi, the secretariat of the president doesn't conduct negotiations with one political force.

Meanwhile other sources of the newspaper in an environment of the president speak about need "to look for a compromise" with deputies. Therefore it isn't excluded that the president will abandon the claim about cancellation of parliamentary immunity.

At the same time, of the joint venture are sure that present activity of the government will lead to decrease in popularity of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko, and it won't allow it to win presidential election or to create the coalition round BYuT in new parliament.

"Yulia Vladimirovna won't manage to retire and run away from responsibility before date of elections any more", - one of interlocutors of the edition is sure.


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