DEPUTIES AND REMOTE PLACE: why the wood is cut down and shallow wells?

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Picketers went under "the white house"

About that behind Bugskoye Voznesensky's village of the area the mature wood is destroyed, the diplomatic corps of regional council learned from visitors of picketers in day of work of session. Matter of course: if people from the remote place are compelled to get up under walls of "the white house", at local level to solve a problem it didn't turn out. Means, it should be solved "from above".

The complaint of villagers consisted of two key questions: who and on what basis disposed to give some hectares of the semicentennial wood for an axe and why level of ground waters in wells falls?

Many connected the reason of all troubles with work of the Nikitsky granite pit extracting sand on the Sandy lake. Say, the powerful equipment was spudded more deeply than norm, here and broke water balance... And deforestation too wrote off on a grankaryer: according to the logic of locals, it also is favorable to a pit - a former production site, on hearings, the resource already settled …

People asked regional deputies to protect their interests and to rescue the wood.

Wood, village and pit: how to live the friend without friend?

By Igor Dyatlov's deputy inquiry the working commission which to it and charged to head was created. And last Wednesday the commission deputy landing arrived to Bugskoye's village where in village council the working meeting with participation of all interested persons took place: Bugsky rural heads, heads of the Nikitsky grankaryer, Voznesensky of forestry, experts, rural activists. Deputies visited a deforestation place.

- These woods man-made, - were accented Bugsky rural the head by Alexander Kutcher. - Before trees here took roots, in sandy dunes storms walked, and the district reminded the desert. Owing to landscape features and a sharp height difference Bugskoye's village is located, figuratively speaking in "wind tunnel": since the beginning of April and until the end of August strong winds, and the wood for the village - as a reliable board blow. Therefore people painfully react to cutting down of trees. They also wait for competent answers to other questions, in particular, on water and on cracks on walls of several huts.We intend to announce the conclusion of the deputy commission on the next meeting of villagers …

It was felt: the neighbourhood with the sandy pit working in a legal framework, to the village to Bugsky is obvious not in pleasure, and rural the head in negative emotions with people is solidary. Undoubtedly and that in filling of the local budget, according to the contract of social partnership, the rural chairman is solidary with a pit: whether a joke, according to the same Alexander Kutcher, only last year in local treasury arrived 517 thousand hryvnias of tax assignments. Such fabulous sum would be envied by any local government!

Our reference:The history of JSC Nikitsky granitny karyer begins since 1977, from the moment of opening of the Nikitsky field of granites. Sources of the birth of a pit had a person - a legend - the known builder and the remarkable person Nikita Kogut in honor of whom the enterprise is called. Now the Nikitsky granite pit - the modern successful enterprise which has united three pits on production of inert materials (rubble, eliminations of various fractions, a stone - the quarrystone, the washed enriched sand). The enterprise develops four fields - the Nikitsky field of granite (within Voznesensky's Aleksandrovsky settlement council of the area), the Aleksandrovsky field of sand (a site "Komintern-1" and "Komintern-2" within area Voznesensky's Bugsky Village Council) and the Sofiyevsky field of gneisses (Sofiyevsky village council of the Novobugsky area).

Objectivity for the sake of should recognize: business of the Nikitsky grankaryer is socially responsible - contracts of social partnership for this enterprise not so mere formality. The director general of JSC Nikitsky grankaryer, he is chairman of the board of directors Vitaly Shevchenko and the chairman of the board Vasili Moroz consider a civic duty according to the lights and opportunities financially to support adult and children's sports, cultural and medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, temples …

In total for last year the Nikitsky grankaryer, having provided with workplaces and a worthy salary of nearly 250 people, I listed various payments in a type of tax and assignments for the sum about 6 million hryvnias.Considering actively prospering in the Nikolaev area a subsoil - a shadow almshouse and great variety of underground pits where the most shameless and greedy Nikolaev officials "are remorselessly grazed", before law-abiding businessmen it isn't shameful also a hat to take off …

Why shallow wells

It would be dishonest to claim that the problem with water in the village of Bugsk arose suddenly, on the eve of plenary session of session of regional council or arrival of the deputy commission. It old: the water level falls not only in wells of this village, but also in Natyagaylovke of the city of Voznesensk. To learn the real reason of leaving of water, the last year's spring meeting of inhabitants of the village of Bugsky demanded from the management of the Nikitsky grankaryer of carrying out independent examination regarding prichinno - investigative communication. This requirement immediately fulfilled.

The opinion of independent experts of the Black Sea state regional geological enterprise Is southern - the Ukrainian GGE (The Nikolaev hydrogeological party) didn't hide under cloth: On April 16, 2008 it was printed on Den Za Dnem newspaper Voznesenskaya's pages. Charges were dismissed from a grankaryer: in the expert opinion it is in black and white told: "The technology of production of sand doesn't demand water pumping from the formed reservoir, the water balance of underground waters isn't broken, development of the Aleksandrovsky sandy pit can't influence a-level mode of underground waters … The-level mode of underground waters is defined by climatic factors and water selection size".

It is thought, both picketers, and local deputies, and Bugsky rural the head Alexander Kutcher - people advanced, read newspapers and couldn't but know about existence of this document. Then than to explain suddenly arisen amnesia?

And after all the same experts and an exit prompted to the Village Council: "According to Art. 61 of the Water Code of Ukraine, underground waters of drinking quality have to be used first of all for satisfaction of requirements drinking and hozyaystvenno - household water supply of the population, and also the food industry and animal husbandry. In this regard water users need to take measures FOR ECONOMICAL use of underground waters, without allowing their expenditure for other needs, for example, watering of kitchen gardens and other. In use wells it is necessary to control water selection and the provision of dynamic water levels:the excessive water selection exceeding operational opportunities, can lead to exhaustion of underground waters and an exit of wells out of operation. It was recommended to Bugsky village council to order water use within the competence: to carry out inventory of wells, to register them, not to allow unauthorized drilling without existence proyektno - budget documentation and permission of appropriate authorities as the water-bearing horizons quarternary alluvial and the paleogenovykh of deposits in this area have nation-wide value.

Recommendations of experts, alas, weren't executed.

On a question, how many in Bugskom it is registered operating wells, rural the head I answered extremely laconically:

- At all!

Why the woodis cut down

At the request of the deputy commission on deforestation the director of GP "Voznesensky Forestry" Yury Kret cleared up:

- No violation of the law is present - the sanitary cabin of the wood which has lost the protective functions is carried out. The commission of experts working at this site came to such conclusion. After inspection of four trial areas experts came to a conclusion about expediency of the continuous sanitary cabin with the subsequent zalesneniye of the territory. There are inspection acts: on one hectare here grew from 300 to 400 trees that several times below the established norm. There is the corresponding order of the chief of regional management of forest and hunting economy: according to Voznesensky to forestry the continuous sanitary cabin is planned more than on twenty hectares of forest grounds with the subsequent zalesneniye of the territory.

Yury Vsevolodovich assured deputies that this site of the wood already this spring, and is more concrete - by May 1, will be залеснен in full.

- We not grow up park, and the wood, - the director of forestry emphasized. - It in park both is possible, and it is necessary to do selective sanitary cabins, to the requirement wood others …

Hearings concerning the settled stocks of career sand and self-capture of forest grounds were dispelled by the director general of the Nikitsky grankaryer Vitaly Shevchenko:

- We got used to build the business without current legislation violations. Hearings that our enterprise allegedly cuts down the wood to expand a pit, are groundless and offensive.According to the conclusion of state commission of Ukraine on stocks of minerals, in career sand (about 2,5 million cubic meter) suffices in order that its production didn't stop at least five more years. In parallel there is a preparation of development of production on prospect, but nobody has the right to reproach us that we where - that were beyond a legal framework. As for charges concerning cracks on some huts, these buildings are outside a sanitary zone therefore prichinno - investigative communication here isn't present.

It is thought if Bugsky rural the head before lifting a storm in a glass, I invited to Yury Kret and Vitaly Shevchenko's session, everything "sixteen brisk deputies" (A. Kutcher quite so characterized the local diplomatic corps) would quite be limited to competent information firsthand without involvement of the deputy commission and heat in the village.


Regional deputies should pay tribute: on everything it was felt - the commission arrived not a checker to wave, and objectively to understand everything. I listened to all, all looked, into everything tried to penetrate. Here only the subject for trial, alas, didn't appear.

The deputy commission left, having promised once again to return to complaint consideration already with the conclusions of land use planning and ecological services. But questions remained: what was it - a false alarm, attempt to manipulate public opinion or part of big game with many unknowns?

Therefore to put an end, seemingly, early...


"The Nikolaev business"

From edition: considering a wide public response, readers will be informed on further succession of events.


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