Yushchenko in a night replaced the position on an occasion of "double" elections

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The president Victor Yushchenko for one night replaced the opinion on carrying out early parliamentary and presidential election.

About it writes "Focus", publishing the interview of the president taken last week.

The edition notes that Yushchenko was interviewed how the president declared that is ready to go for simultaneous re-elections together with parliament.

"Exactly one days prior to this sensational statement in interview to our edition Victor Yushchenko extremely disapprovingly responded about this idea and characterized it as ideology "designate all", - notes "Focus".

At the same time in the interview published on Thursday, making comments on possibility of dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, Yushchenko declared that at existing legislative base they to it are uninteresting.

"I am not the supporter of it. Last year when in parliament within 35 days there was no coalition, I spoke: it is necessary to move in the direction of early elections. But then two thirds of the population told me: the president isn't right. And I conceded", - he told.

On a remark that last week it allegedly was going to dismiss parliament, Yushchenko was surprised:

"For what? Why to me it? "

It also disproved opinion that the decree about dissolution at it "always on call, with neprostavleny date".

"Nonsenses, let's be serious people! As for re-elections, I can give the simple answer: misters that it wasn't necessary to dismiss the Verkhovna Rada, observe the Constitution".

Thus the president noted that in parliament there has to be a majority which will create the government and the premiere will give.

"Anybody in eyes didn't see the parliamentary majority. Bring me the document with 226 signatures: here supposedly people who assumed responsibility for a course, and the minority won't be able to reproach any more that this coalition isn't able to carry out any law if not to buy communists. The coalition can't be "a cloud in trousers", it has to live one ideology", - Yushchenko told.

On a remark that the ways listed to them for dissolution of parliament are quite lawful, the president noted:

"It, of course, the unconstitutional moments also it is possible to raise a question as it was in September, 2008: the coalition has to be formatted so that to correspond to the Constitution.But you don't want to go on elections is in your hands, not presidential, but I will honestly tell: on nowadays existing base (legislative) me elections are uninteresting! It is interesting to me how to localize the conflict".

It, according to Yushchenko, it is possible to make a way of introduction of open electoral lists and cancellations of parliamentary immunity.

"We will avoid one of the main problems of our parliament, we will pass on personified vote for candidates. The secretary won't get any more to Rada, the security guard - won't get, the relative, the godfather, the matchmaker, the brother - too. Or it has to be to talented, favorable voters, or - will be filtered", - he told.

According to the president, about it he already submitted 6 bills to parliament, now business in the Verkhovna Rada.

Yushchenko answered a question who can support it in it: "Today any political force in parliament didn't tell "no". Discussion can be only concerning nuances".


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