For Russia a fleet conclusion from Sevastopol in 2017 – "surprise"

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The Russian Federation hopes that the Black Sea fleet remains in the Crimea. I declared it статс - the secretary - the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia Grigory Karasina, making comments on a situation round the Black Sea fleet of Russia.

Concerning a question that on all statements from the Russian side Ukraine gives the same answer: "the issue of a conclusion of the Russian fleet after 2017 is resolved finally", G. Karasin emphasized: "In the word tragic predefiniteness "finally" outweighs". "In our bilateral relations, despite everything, there are opportunities for more optimistical expectations", - the diplomat who quotes information and press Department the Russian Foreign Ministry told.

"Certainly, all of us are deeply disappointed with a similar surprise from the Ukrainian management. The decree (about preparation of a conclusion of the Russian fleet from the Crimea in 2017) depreciated a lot of things from this that was reached, brought down the atmosphere of being conducted negotiations. On an extent more than two years together with the Ukrainian colleagues we carried on intensive dialogue. It is worth noticing that the Ukrainian part of our subcommittee a long time the present head of Ukrainian headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko", - he emphasized.

"Delegations into which along with diplomats military seamen entered, financiers, ecologists, gathered regularly and order difficult, and first and simply emotional dialogue on specific questions of stay of the Black Sea fleet in the Crimea. Gradually there was quite capable mechanism of five special working groups. In a word, dialogue passed into the normal course that allowed to remove completely fleet and seamen from - under threats of hanging political scandal and simply everyday disorders for our people. Such normal work didn't suit someone in the Ukrainian management, and there decided to return again a situation to scandalousness and nervousness. Exercise worked well wonderfully well", - the diplomat is sure.

"Many in the Russian public opinion were jarred on by the decision mentioning us made besides unilaterally was invested with what form, without consultations with Russia. Between the real partners the such happens, frankly speaking, infrequently", - G. Karasin told.

"I not the big supporter publicly to discuss details of negotiation process, but in this case, probably, it is necessary to speak. As that "the question of 2017" didn't appear in the mandate of negotiation process. The arrangement is the arrangement. Till 2017 the Black Sea fleet remains in Sevastopol, and now it is necessary to concentrate on resolving practical issues of life of seamen and fleet activity. Farther it will be visible. However, the Ukrainian party few times delicately raised this question. In not less delicate form we explained that to push this subject prematurely and on - to the is impolite. On that then dispersed. That induced the leadership of Ukraine to aggravate a situation now, it is necessary to guess only", - it summarized.

We will remind, earlier the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko charged to the government to develop the bill of the termination since 2017 of action of international treaties on BSF stay in the territory of Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry considers while premature to begin negotiations on a fleet conclusion from Sevastopol.


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