Akhmetov accused the deputy Yanukovych on PR fraction of "full lie"

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Recently the statement of the deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine from Party of Regions Victor Tikhonov was widespread in mass media that the option of acquisition of Lugansk football club "Zarya" the president of FC "Shakhter" Rinat Akhmetov is allegedly real.

Certainly, the message had a resonance, acquired various hearings and conjectures. To remove all questions, official site of FC "Shakhter" suggests you to examine that actually Rinat Akhmetov thinks in this occasion:

"My member of the same party Victor Tikhonov at least surprised with the unreasonable statement. Never at me arose ideas concerning acquisition of any football club, except "Miner". And, believe me, won't arise. I repeatedly designated the position: my heart and completely belongs long ago only to "Miner". There is no other team in which life I would intend to take part.

Absolutely accurately I declare that all told by Victor Tikhonov - the fiction, full lie. Certainly, I sympathize with that situation in which there was a Zarya club. The team nice once, the champion of the USSR, the real symbol of Lugansk costs today on the verge of disappearance. But it wouldn't be simply illogical to me to interfere with affairs of this club, but also it is strange, after all I am a head absolutely other football association.

I consider that would be healthy if Victor Tikhonov took direct part in destiny of "Dawn". Not words, and concrete business I helped the Lugansk region and the glorified football club".


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