Tomenko was disturbed that except him anybody doesn't celebrate anniversary of the Kiev madhouse

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The vice-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nikolay Tomenko is convinced that the capital power and directly the chairman of KGGA Leonid Chernovetsky have to report at last to inhabitants of Kiev about results of the three years' activity.

He declared it today.

Tomenko reminded that on April 20, 2006 the President of Ukraine signed the Decree about Leonid Chernovetsky's appointment as the chairman of KGGA. Thus, the vice-chairman of BP reminded, according to statements and Chernovetsky's election program introduction of new philosophy of management by the city was provided. Thus, I noticed Tomenko, the present mayor repeatedly emphasized need that each official at least once a month reported to a community for results of the activity.

"But not only any official, but also Chernovetsky still never reported about the activity. I don't want to retell about deplorable state of the economy of the city of Kiev, disturbs another - date 3 - summer stay at Leonid Chernovetsky's power didn't remember neither the President, nor the government", - he told.

Thus, according to Tomenko, the President officially coordinated Chernovetsky's holiday till April 6, but still it isn't clear "as where the mayor" treats Kiev. At the same time, he added, from time to time there are orders and the congratulations allegedly signed by Chernovetsky. "It would be interesting to hear an official position of the President of Ukraine - today Chernovetsky is on treatment in Israel or in Switzerland in an official consent of the President or is independent", - Tomenko told.

Not less interesting question, he noted, there is also a term of hearing by the government of the official report of KGGA about a situation in Kiev as the last decisions on the next credits and loans without intervention of the government can "turn Kiev and inhabitants of Kiev into debtors on some hundreds years forward".

At the same time he added that the Kiev mass media also didn't react in any way "to a significant event - the third anniversary of the power of Chernovetsky", except for Broadcasting Company "Kiev" on air of which on April 20-21 "the person from capital letter" as it is specified in the program, Sandey Adeladzha" continued to teach Ukrainians and inhabitants of Kiev ".


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