And 105 years — not a limit! The inhabitant of Nikolaev celebrated record anniversary. Among the congratulating — Victor Yushchenko

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Today, on April 21, the 105 - the anniversary is celebrated by the inhabitant of Nikolaev Aleksandra Filippovna Efremenko. To congratulate the woman on record anniversary to her to the house on Artyom St. (residential district October) there arrived representatives of city and regional managements of work and social protection of the population and group of journalists.

To find for the house and an entrance in which lives юбилярша, the big poster with the congratulation, carefully hung up at an entrance to an entrance helped. All "delegation" of well-wishers at a threshold of the one-room apartment was met by Aleksandra Filippovna's daughter - Asya Illarionovna Zubareva.

Yubilyarshe was handed over by letters of congratulations from the President of Ukraine, the chairman of the regional state administration and the mayor, and also financial support and gifts with flowers.

Reading congratulation lines, Aleksandra Filippovna was surprised more and more. In the letters - diplomas I congratulated her both Chaika, and Garkusha, and even Yushchenko! Well, how here to the simple person not to be surprised?

Removing operators and photographing correspondents only strengthened impressions юбилярши - long-livers.

- God you mine! Well, it is necessary! How many people! Real television! - quietly Aleksandra Filippovna admired, shaking the head.

When it asked to tell about the life on the camera, she told that lived a big and rich life which is stored at it in the head as the big abstract.

- I can tell about mother only the best, - Asya Illarionovna, Aleksandra Filippovna's daughter speaks. - We with it endured terrible war. After release arrived to Nikolaev. It worked here, and us to study gave. Grandsons at it good because it brought up them.

According to Asya Illarionovna, she made a big vital feat, having brought up both children, and grandsons, and the great-granddaughter. Everything to that Aleksandra Filippovna taught the children and grandsons, so it only to the good.

- It kind person. And kind people long live.

According to the chief of regional management of work and social protection Olga Sivoplyas, today in area lives 36 people to whom hundred and more years were executed. Aleksandra Filippovna Efremenko - the oldest resident of Nikolaev. And if to judge in scales of all area, in the Bashtansky area there is a long-liver by whom 114 years will be executed this year.

- This year since the beginning of year already congratulated three inhabitants of the Nikolaev area by which hundred years were executed. Until the end of the year 13 more long-livers will celebrate the centenary, - Olga Sivoplyas told.

The director of the department of work and social protection of the population Sergey Bondarenko noted that in the city the grant to centenary citizens at a rate of the minimum living level (about 500 hryvnias) is provided. In Nikolaev lives seven people who get such grant.

The help from regional management of work and a social security for such people makes 100 hryvnias paid monthly...


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