Session of the Nikolaev regional council turned out not such, as always. Communists "hardly stayed" to interesting their questions

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Today, on April 23, there takes place the regular XXVIII sessionNikolaevregional council. It should be noted that while events develop quite boringly. Before walls YEAH didn't expose any picket. Such for a long time wasn't. With what it is connected - it isn't known. Really how there lives area arranges all?

In session work, besides deputies of regional council the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from KPU, the head of the Nikolaev communists Vladimir Matveev took part also.

It should be noted that before session, in the building Nikolaev one more people's deputy who represents the Nikolaev area in the Verkhovna Rada - Nikolay Kruglov was yeah noticed. But in a sessional hall it didn't appear. The purpose of its arrival remained not clear. Probably, Nikolay Petrovich gave the last manuals to deputies - regionals on a wire of how it is necessary to vote on this or that question.

It should be noted that regionals really voted at the beginning of meeting quite amicably. Most likely, it also allowed the chairman of regional council T. Demchenko to win mini - duel against the governor A. Garkusha at the time of the statement of an agenda.

Before session, it was possible to observe dispute between Tatyana Vasilyevny Tamiloy's adviser Bugayenko and the head of department of education Nikolaev YEAH, the member of the same party A. Garkushi Valery Melnichenko. They couldn't solve in any way who has to act on one of the questions submitted for session. Anybody the speaker didn't want to be.

That it for a question such - initially didn't manage to be learned, but on a course of discussion of an agenda it became clear on what deputies argued.

Alexey Garkusha suggested not to consider the question "About Catering Services of Pupils of General Education and Preschool Educational Institutions" the speaker on which V. Melnichenko appeared at today's session.

The motivation of the similar offer at the governor was simple - the decision isn't prepared and over it professionals have to work still.

But forces "weren't equal" - 77 voices pro that to leave this question were provided to that regionals voted unanimously. 22 voices which it was succeeded "to collect" Litvin supported by Byutovtsami's fractions, didn't play a role.

After that, having listened to several speakers, the governor left a hall.

Rough discussions "Programs of ensuring prevention of HIV - the infection till 2013" and modification of the regional program of social development of the Nikolaev area till 2010 also didn't turn out. It is possible to distinguish from "sleepy" deputies only unless the communist Dzardanov who constantly went on: "let's put the questions to the vote". Probably he wanted to approach to "the most important questions" - "About celebration in the Nikolaev area 90 - the anniversaries of basis of Komsomol of Ukraine" and "About use of symbolics of years of the Great Patriotic War in a Victory Day".


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