Garkusha and Demchenko didn't quarrel nearly from - for a school dinner

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Today's session of regional council didn't do without excesses. The agenda was approved almost unanimously. Only one person - the governor Alexey Garkusha refrained when voting. The question of catering services of pupils in general education and preschool educational institutions of area became a stumbling block. As Alexey Garkusha noted, the question wasn't studied and thoroughly prepared therefore suggested to transfer it to the following session.

But by vote of regional council the question nevertheless was accepted to consideration, and the governor defiantly left after a while a hall of meeting and in work session didn't take great interest.

The working group of deputies of a regional council notes that practically every third child of 5-11 classes doesn't eat hot in school hours, and at some schools of area in general there is no such opportunity. Also at schools don't adhere sanitarno - to epidemiological norms, standards of quality of products, the prices of that food which is aren't regulated.

To report on this matter invited the head of department of science and education Valery Melnichenko, but it too was covered with words of the governor - isn't ready, I won't report, you transfer a question and who prepared the draft of this decision - I don't know … And in general supposedly seniors in a week won't study any more, will prepare for examinations, and elementary grades in a month will go on vacation. To what this haste in the solution of questions?

On what to it parried Tamil Bugayenko - children there almost lose consciousness for hunger, not all are able to afford to dine the child money on full, if children in a family a little. And in general, it is necessary to hold now already tenders, to stock up with fruit and vegetables during a season, instead of since the beginning of the next academic year when everything will already depart.

By short altercations the decision nevertheless was approved by a vote way.And the head of KPU fraction Nikolay Dzardanov everything is stated fear that Demchenko and Garkusha's squabbles will lead to sabotaging of some questions. On what Tatyana Demchenko assured: the decision is made by all regional council therefore if someone and to decide to shake one by the mandate - result it will be all the same accepted according to the majority.


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