In Znamyank's Nikolaev village I opened new фельдшерско - obstetric point

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In 58 kilometers from Nikolaev in Znamyank's village of the Snigurevsky area it is open new фельдшерско - obstetric point, vital for inhabitants of this village. Until recently on its place there were thrown economic premises of the kindergarten located opposite, and after completion and reconstruction it officially got FAPA status with the new organization of providing primary medical care to inhabitants not only this village, but also next Thorny Waters, report in Management of health protection of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

In the same room pharmaceutical point is open. As the Snigurivsky area has the network greatest in area lechebno - preventive institutions, the new object put into operation became already 40 on the account.

It is possible not only to support them, but also with an enviable regularity to increase. Round the last new building there were many efforts, after all not the only problem in the village in which still there is no road with a firm covering, a way to the regional center during bad weather znamyanets overcome it, going round on the Kherson route, there is also no gas though surrounding villages are installed already gas, but inhabitants of the village trust, as these issues will soon be resolved.

After all there live 450 inhabitants, children are born, the school and kindergarten work, there is a work on a breeding farm of local economy "Friendship", therefore, there is also a revival prospect.

Representatives of the regional and regional power, depuy corps told action for a case of opening of FAPU about it, management of health protection, Snigurevsky TsRB, village council, the management of local economy and actually, inhabitants of the village on solemn.

Opening of rural medical institutions in the Nikolaev area became possible thanks to support of the head of the regional state administration A. Garkusha, the chairman of a regional council T. Demchenko, a depuy corps which provided financing of objects.

According to the order of the head of the regional state administration about opening ФАПов and out-patient clinics in area settlements with number of inhabitants from 100 people more, last year it was open 15 ФАПов and 3 rural out-patient clinics.

Only in the Snigurevsky area last year new FAP, out-patient clinic were open and is reconstructed 6 ФАПов. On their overhaul and reconstruction it is used 330 thousand hryvnias of budgetary funds. Besides, for 4 ФАПов sets of the modern equipment are bought, the cost of each set makes 36 thousand UAH

In Znamyanke FAP was constructed not only for budgetary funds, but also for means of sponsors, deputies of regional, regional council. The general expenses made 71,8 yew. UAH

The most active assistants in the opening day were awarded by diplomas, among them - the rural chairman P. Ivanida, V. Tkachuk - the driver of "Ambulance" who serves the settlement, and also inhabitants of the village. Big help was given by the head of basic agriculture "Friendship" V. Krakhmal who too is convinced that it only began village updatings.

It helped to acquire housing for the nurse Svetlana Ishchenko who will work in FAPE.

The medicine of the Snigurevsky area is in a constant trasformation towards improvement: реализовуются programs of financing and support of rural primary medical link, becomes stronger financially - the TsRB technical base, its medical cases are reconstructed, the modern equipment is bought, special personnel programs according to which graduates go for training in medical institutions are created, for experts the housing is bought, grant programs which will lift medical care of citizens on higher level are at the same time fulfilled.


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