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About that I will be able shortly to take part in the transfer of the state level which is taking place in a format current - show (such as "Freedom of speech" or "I so think"), I and I couldn't imagine. Though there was a strong wish to see it that is called from within, instead of through a lens prism. And when on Monday I was called by my good acquaintance from a youth wing of one of parties and asked: "Sash, you don't want to go to "Savik Shuster's Freedom"? (and she already participated in one of last transfers), I understood that to refuse such tempting offer would be silly.

On Thursday evening we went in the train "Nikolaev — Kiev". On "Freedom" from the Nikolaev area us went four. With me there was a little girl from Bashtanka and two women - Tamara Aleksandrovna and Tatyana Valentinovna. When we already went by the train, information was heard that on the program we go, it seems, as representatives of Party of Regions. In total - there was no wish to represent any political forces to which I have no relation and in which I never consisted. Only then I understood that it in principle doesn't matter - participants of transfer find not only through parties and their activists. If to speak about criteria of selection of participants, here, probably, works first of all the acquaintance at least mediated, to the representative of the project (they are in each area), well and, of course, the person has to take a keen interest to this transfer.
Tamara Aleksandrovna too was the participant of the forthcoming program, but it needed to accompany us from departure from Nikolaev before arrival back. She is inhabitant of Kiev, quite strong-willed (if not to tell - imperious) the woman. In "Savik Shuster's Freedom" participated far not for the first time. She told that among her acquaintances and friends - many known people in Ukraine. It communicates with all from them as equals, says them everything that thinks. In particular, it repeatedly did to Savik Shuster the remark: "Freedom" is any not current - show because there is no dialogue with people, with audience".

From it - that we also learned that on arrival to Kiev us will meet and will place in Turist hotel (near Levoberezhnaya metro station).To estimate level of transfer on which we went, it is enough to call the cost of one number in this hotel - 600 hryvnias per day. It thus that participates in transfer of about 200 people from all Ukraine.
On a question, from where at the project such money (not at Savik? ) Tamara Aleksandrovna answered that all this "Stoletov" - the trademark sponsoring "Savik Shuster's Freedom".

We arrived to Kiev early in the morning. On the platform we were met by the employee of group of the project with the poster: "Freedom! Inter! ". It showed us an agreed place on which we, having walked on the station and having drunk coffee, had to be at 6:20.
To the station there arrived the bus - we were not one, us attached to a small group of representatives of several other areas of Ukraine. In the bus нбралось person forty.

Us delivered in Turist hotel - the elite 25-floor building. In the spacious and cozy hall to us distributed questionnaires of participants of the program in which, except the personal data, it was necessary to specify for whom we voted on last elections (both presidential, and parliamentary) and for whom we would vote now. Besides, it was necessary to give answers to some questions concerning carrying out in Ukraine and Poland "Euro - 2012". It also was the subject of transfer on which all of us arrived. The questionnaire was anonymous.

Number in which lodged me, was double. With me there was a guy from Uzhgorod (also the participant of transfer) which arrived at some o'clock later, than we.
In the evening, at 17:00, having much acquired on the capital, all of us needed to gather in the hotel hall to go on studio. There were representatives practically all areas. It was felt even on a dialect.

To us issued certificates of participants of the transfer which number at everyone coincided with seat number in studio. Also to each of us handed over an envelope in which 40 hryvnias were accurately enclosed - as to us explained, gratitude from "Inter".
The hotel was approached by some buses in which all of us and seated.
Us carried to a film studio of Dovzhenko. Exactly there is a shooting and translation of "Savik Shuster's Freedom".

On arrival to a place, all of us reunited (the person two hundred) and told rules of participation in current - show. During air it isn't allowed to rise from a place, to leave, move. It isn't allowed to photograph too (from - for flashes). It is necessary to switch off mobile phones not to create a hindrance for the equipment.Before air by all is given mini - the computer (which in the people on a habit call "panel"). With its help the audience expresses the opinion and reaction to these or those statements sounding in studio, and also answers questions of opinion polls.
If it was honest, difficult to believe that the high, massive building similar to huge garage, and is that place where remove "Savik Shuster's Freedom". Approximately for an hour to air us brought there.

For the last years twenty film studio of Dovzhenko fell into deep decay. The look it made depressing impression. The impression as if we move on an entrance of the house to which long ago didn't bring an order was made. The peeled, depicted walls, rolling wires, stubs and the other garbage opened and the destroyed electropanel board... But behind the doors reminding an entrance to the assembly hall, there was that treasured room which every evening on Fridays sees the half-countries in which express and the well-known, influential people argue with each other.
The hall was decorated, equipped with the equipment, necessary to do beautiful show. However and here, looking at it everything "alive", it was possible to see that walls are pasted over with paper (that is - everything is made for purely outer effect). In total here it seems very unsteady, shaky. Effect of grandness created unless lighting at which imperceptible there were cracks and scratches, and cameras which practically "went" on the heads with specific hum. It only from screens of TVs looks everything richly and safely. Actually all exactly the opposite.

At an entrance to studio to all of us distributed mini - computers. As a deposit it was necessary to leave the passport. For half an hour to air when all seated in places, the employee of Inter TV channel Egor Benkendorf began to explain how to address with panels.
Known people whom met with delight, a storm of applause began to come into studio. Among them there were Grigory Surkis, Vitaly Klitschko, Yury Pavlenko, Evgeny Chervonenko, Dmitri Gordon, Vera Ulyanchenko, Natalya Mogilevskaya, Yury Rybczynski, Leonid Chernovetsky, Mikhail Dobkin... And, certainly, the permanent leader of "Freedom" - Savik Shuster.

It is worth noticing that all of them came from an opposite entrance. Probably, and the room from that party much more decently, than a corridor along which brought us.
There was one more interesting detail to which I paid attention during transfer.When at a microphone Grigory Surkis acted, Savik told it something it seems: "We see that you are supported by young people who have the higher education". Both at me, and at many other participants of transfer it raised a smile as it was unclear, where exactly Savik saw it. Before it wasn't neither tables, nor schedules in which the opinion of each social and age category of the people who are present at audience would be reflected. However it made pass even more interesting. Savik has enormous experience of a gallery play, and it does it credit as to the showman.

During transfer there were six commercial breaks from four to nine minutes long. At this time it was possible to rise, leave a hall, and also to do pictures. It were the most interesting and high points as it was possible to shake hands with celebrated personalities (though to them tried not to admit) and to take from them autographs. Besides, it was possible to vanish a little as in a hall it was intolerable hot. Believe: it was the first time when I on - to the present estimated commercial breaks.
After transfer I managed to take the autograph from Savik Shuster and to be photographed with Yury Pavlenko. Slowly moving ahead with crowd to an exit where to us returned our passports in exchange on panels, I turned on phone. To me began to keep ringing native and acquaintances who watched me in studio on TV (though I at all didn't report to much of them about it).

Us seated back in buses and delivered in hotel. Same night, in the morning and day of group participants taken place the day before current - the shows, full of bright impressions, went to the regions - who by train, who by bus.

Earlier I believed that people present at studio - no more than figureheads whom only represent as arrived of different areas. Now I can assure with full responsibility: anything similar! On transfer the opinion of different regions of Ukraine is really presented. Here in what grandness of this project.
As for "curve" which appears owing to work with "panels", it too not deception and not speculation. My opinion was equivalent to percent about a half from the general opinion of all audience. When I, listening to any politician, I passed from a position I "support" to a position "I don't support", indicators of opinion of audience obviously changed in the relevant party (just on half-percent - in a proportion).

As a whole, show is organized perfectly.And on the picture which is displayed the Ukrainian TV viewers, it isn't visible those walls and corridors which are outside the decorated and "namarafechenny" studio, it isn't visible those traces which were imposed on Dovzhenko's film studio by time. There is the beautiful, memorable show creating illusion of wellbeing and prosperity.


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