The MFA of Russia condemns celebration and a glorification in Ukraine the former SS-men

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Actions of the Ukrainian regional authorities which have actually supported celebration of the former SS-men in Ivano - Frankovsky area on May 24-25, contradict decisions of the Nuremberg tribunal which recognized criminal formations of CC, declared the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Causes extreme bewilderment that representatives of official structures of Ivano - Frankovsky area actually supported celebration of the former SS-men... The similar line of authorities, including assignment of a rank of the Hero of Ukraine to the captain of armies of CC, Shukhevich ordering by the Ukrainian insurgent army, contradicts decisions of the international Nuremberg tribunal which recognized criminal esesovsky formations", - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published in connection with the address of the head of the Russian community Ivano - Frankovsky area to the president of Russia is told in the comment.

The head of the Russian community Ivano - Frankovsky area (Ukraine) Alexander Volkov at the request of members of council of a community sent to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev the letter in which indignation concerning taken place in Ivano's city - Frankovsk of the so-called "celebrations" devoted by 65-й to anniversary of creation of a division CC "Galichina" expresses on May 24-25.

"In Russia completely divide estimates council of the Russian community of Ivano - Frankovsky area of this blasphemous act, illegal actions of the Ukrainian radical nationalist organizations which were roughly offending the Russian inhabitants of Ivano - Frankovsk and veterans of the Great Patriotic War who paid blood for liberation of Ukraine from German - fascist aggressors", - it is spoken in the message.

Besides, the Russian Foreign Ministry pays attention to "absolutely unacceptable initiatives of the Ukrainian nationalists and their patrons to cancel Victory Day celebration over fascist Germany".

Foreign policy department also notes that similar actions demand basic reaction, in particular, from the UN, PACE and OSCE.

In Russia to hope that the authorities of Ukraine declaring commitment to democratic, European values, realize all "malignancy of the line on a glorification of SS-men and will put an end to attempts of revision of results of World War II".


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