Kuchma's horror story came true - the Crimea remained without dneprovsky water

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The minister of an agrarian policy of the Crimea Pavel Akimov is concerned by destiny of a crop - dneprovsky water for watering still didn't come to many regions of an autonomy.

He declared it on Friday at meeting of Council of ministers of the Crimea, reports UNIAN.

"The May Day area - an area half without water, the Rozdolnensky area - an area half without water, Saksky, Simferopol Belogorsky, Bakhchsarai areas - isn't present gram of water, Dzhankoysky - the half-area without water. We earthed 3 billion money, these are crops and all another. And what we will receive at the end? All burns! Moisture isn't present! ", - Akimov complained.

Water supply on an irrigation isn't conducted from - for debts of pump stations for the electric power.

"Surcharges in the form of subventions from the state budget of Committee for a water management for calculation with suppliers of the electric power led to the debt sum.

The part of the sum of debts for last year was extinguished in February, the part of 7,6 million remained as before unpaid", - the Crimean prime minister Victor Plakida told.

The management of the Crimea insists on that the State committee of Ukraine on a water management guaranteed payment of means from the country budget.

"We wait today for guarantees of mister Stashuk (the head to Derzhkomvodogosp) that the state budget guarantees return of 7,6 million UAH", - the head of the government of the Crimea told.

"Thus, we will be able to guarantee to energy drinks payment for these debts", - Plakida told.

Thus he promised that for a glazurovka landowners of the Crimea will receive water at the beginning of May.


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