Tymoshenko assured: she knows that disturbs veterans

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The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko congratulated veterans of World War II on the Victory Day.

I reported a press about it - government service.

"I know that most of all disturbs you, my dear veterans of war. You disturbs and the alarm will painfully wound that the feat of millions heroes which protected a planet from fascism gradually is forgotten that honor and glory of the Great Victory saddens daily small vanity, and sometimes and an ingratitude. It categorically not so! ", - it is spoken in a congratulation.

"I precisely know, I am sure, as through hundred, and in two hundred years descendants will know and will remember you with heat, appreciation and honor. As well as today, hearts will fade and will be bowed your children, grandsons and great-grandsons to your annual victorious march", - the prime minister noted.

"I wish you health, related heat, care and good. I low bow to you - soldiers of the most cruel in the history of war mankind, to real heroes. Your feat is immortal in centuries! ", - it is told in a congratulation.

In turn, the congratulation was sent by the speaker of parliament Vladimir Litvin, reports his press - service.

"The role and valor in fight against fascism, the contribution to its defeat Ukraine declared itself as about the nation with a powerful potential and wide prospects, worthy recognition and respect of the international community", - is spoken in a congratulation.

"The most important call of the present consists for our state and society in keeping this most valuable property, to put an end to its squandering which goes from inconsistent, inconsistent and dependent policy and declarative, empty slogans", - the speaker considers.

Litvin emphasized that "the victory is provided, except soldier's valor, art of commanders and perfection of the weapon, unity of the people which opposed foreign invasion and resisted it".

"Understanding of it has to pull together, connect the people and regions of our country and to serve important if not decisive, as a factor of overcoming of a large-scale and destructive economic crisis", - he considers.

"Sincerely, from the heart I wish to veterans of health, wellbeing and as early as long solar years.Let May 1945-го with paints of the present merge in your memory and heat, attention and care of all people" warms you, - is told in a congratulation.

Also the congratulation was sent by the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych, reports a press - party service.

"We pay a tribute to the memory and infinite honor that who protected in fights the Homeland from fascist plague, that who directed all efforts, selflessly working in the back for the front and a victory, that who lifted from post-war ruins the country", - is told in a congratulation.

"The Party of Regions always stood and will guard interests of veterans. And our sacred sons a duty - to make everything that your life was worthy your feat. In this holiday I wish well to all and happiness, health, longevity and the peace sky! ", - the leader of regionals emphasized.


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