Test for the idiot

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In curve mirrors freaks look beautiful.
Marquis de Sade

I ask to raise a hand of those who noticed, how strongly People's Deputies want to go on vacation. All lifted? Well, but in the beginning joke.

So, Odessa, beginning of the last century, quarter of "red lamps", evening. Down the street stealthily the sickly little man moves. Here from a gate appear a little local a lesson, "market" on a subject begins: let's light, etc. As a result of the little man properly мутузят, select clothes, money. That hardly reaches to a brothel, and, shivering from cold and a beating, knocks at the door, in hope for the help … On a balcony there is "mummy" and, having overhung from a handrail all the immense figure, shouts at all quarter: "People, you look at this tramp! The naked - bosy, and the maid wants, already shivers! ! ! ".

It I to what, actually? And it I to a question of the coalition, not by the night will be told. And about opposition, by the way, too. No, well those from conscious citizens to whom it everything already bored to death, perhaps, already and forgot about existence of these two groups in our parliament. And correctly forgot, that them to remember - that. However those who else though slightly - slightly is interested in political processes in Ukraine, probably, watch news on TV and read analytics in the press. Also noticed, perhaps, that the coalition blocks itself, and the opposition doesn't want to vote for own bills.

And, the coalition motivates the behavior with disagreement with actions of the secretariat of the President (they even peculiar have a joke: from love to hatred - any 10 steps of the president towards, - a bus) and opposition, spitefully laughing loudly in a lobby, shows figs to the vis-a-vis in the sense that, say, and well try, prove that you can vote without two traitors. Instead of they can vote without two traitors, it's a no-brainer. But to gloat over - that what for? Laws aren't adopted, Russia declared gas price increase from next year as about the come true fact, the leader of one of fractions declared that we already lost the Crimea. And where reaction? Where, I ask, reaction of those who has to react adequately? And isn't present! All are occupied only by one:showdown which can develop into the next snap parliamentary elections. I so believe, where - that by fall.

And so I think, and that if to make such experiment and to send on leave for few months not only нардепов our beloved, and and all other authorities. In general all. And how you think, something would change in the country? I consider that isn't present. As there lived people modestly, but is pure, and would live further. All the same from the power any I pound. Everything that else remained valuable in the state, is slowly scammed, is more exact доворовывается those who though is fastened by any related or friendly bonds to the power.

Yesterday here I read in one of capital newspapers that the Kiev town governor hands of the relatives tidies up municipal property. And that far to go, in Nikolaev there is approximately the same. One familiar deputy of city council showed curious документик where it is in black and white removed: set being ЖЭКов turned into rent or into free using to the enterprises which cofounder is the native son of the mayor. Anything criminal in it as though also isn't present. What difference who will take through rotted-through structure in management? But here is certain закавыка: if business selects obviously unprofitable enterprises, means there is still, than it is possible to profit? Well, at least utility rooms which can be leased now, and then silently to privatize and sell. I don't know, but it is precisely possible to profit, differently any sense … Here only, what the city budget from it will have? Riddle.

Yes, so I distracted. There is at me one dream rather so - dream outlines. We will assume, by fall - winter declare to us pleasure, early elections. And people, р - р - time, also didn't come to sites to vote. Didn't come at all. Here that the former people's deputies will do then? In Japan it is clear, there - a hara-kiri, and all. With shame. And here that at us …

By the way, in Germany there is the most interesting piece. The drivers who many times violated traffic regulations and have lost the rights, at their repeated desire to get the driver's license send in the beginning not for examination, and on the physician - the psychological inspection differently called "dough for the idiot". And this test isn't free, it costs about 350 euro that, agree - much, even for full Germans.And so, and why at us not to enter such testing of those who already several times is in a row elected in parliament and constantly violates the rights. And not the because the rights of the deputy, and all people are inviolable. And, first of all, the voters.
And they - on vacation... Well in the beginning to pass test, and?


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