Tymoshenko about Lutsenko: Out of the blue made show

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The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko calls into question information of the German mass media concerning fight at the airport of Frankfurt with participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko as his son couldn't take alcohol.

"There are a lot of questions on which there is no answer, concerning incident round the Minister of Internal Affairs. First of all, information which publicly sounded that the son of the minister was in a state of intoxication, and something not so did. I can claim that the son of the minister - oncological the sick child on whom operation is performed. This child takes special medicine which aren't compatible to the use though alcohol gram", - the prime minister told.

"And already this lie calls into question all this information", - she added.

At the same time Tymoshenko noted that "it was impossible to be late aboard the plane, force in it to break".

"I don't want to protect behavior of the minister, but I consider that each father had to protect the child who is especially sick. And that from this on an equal place shows made, it is simply immoral", - the prime minister declared.

It reminded that Lutsenko submitted the application to the Verkhovna Rada, "considering this political sensation which was lifted and increased by Party of Regions".

"They simply forgot Gongadze's business, forgot as their leaders took out dead-drunk of all parties and official actions", - the prime minister noted.

"If the Party of Regions wants to vote for resignation of the minister because they should get rid of the minister - the chaos before elections is necessary to them, instead of an order - that let raise on vote a question and vote if they have enough voices", - declared to Tymoshenko.

"Today there are no obstacles to listen to a resignation question, simply there is no desire it to do. And there is a desire to do sabotage of work (Rada) in a gaming and to calls of world crisis", - the prime minister declared.

She confirmed that also has the statement of the minister, but for the solution of a question his statement which is in the Verkhovna Rada suffices.


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