To Yushchenko's secretariat pay for the head of the region of 7 million?

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Witz - the speaker Nikolay Tomenko considers that to the president will be difficult to get rid of the head of the secretariat Victor Balogi and he will be compelled to resign together with it.

He expressed such opinion in interview to "Focus".

Tomenko confirmed hearings that "Yushchenko once again wants to get rid of a notorious environment in the person of Victor Balogi".

"Yes, I heard. It is the seventh attempt to get rid of Balogi. Actually such attempts was much. When on Monday there was a meeting at Tymoshenko, and one clarified person once again issued information that on Tuesday there will be a decree about resignation of Balogi, I told: it seems, it already the seventh decree. Therefore it is necessary to calm down and work further", - he told.

Thus, according to Tomenko, he doesn't know today serious politicians, managers who would consider correct for itself "everything to stop and working with the president".

"It proved to be recently so that it is necessary too to respect and love Yushchenko to start it rescuing now", - noted vice-the speaker.

"Thus I know the question price for many people in the device of the president. I had recently a trip across Kiev region, and I informally communicated to many
officials. They say that the position of the chairman of district administration of the prestigious area costs from 5 to 7 million dollars to start conversation with the correct person in the Secretariat of the president", - Tomenko declared.

"If to work in a president's team for this purpose, now it is possible to earn much. But if someone appreciates the name, I don't think that it will go to the president. The phenomenon of Balogi also consists in it - authoritative people don't want on this place, and all the others which offer to its position, are far from the status of strong politicians", - he added.

According to Tomenko, to the place of the head of the joint venture Igor Tarasyuk and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyryova are discussed.

"But it isn't so simple to get rid of Balogi. It seems to me, the president is doomed to resign together with him", - added vice-the speaker.


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