The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika claims that neither Tymoshenko, nor Yanukovych, neither Kuchma, nor Yushchenko in questions of the help to the city didn't keep the promises

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Nikolaev mayorVladimir Chaikathe other day I returned from a business trip to Kiev. One of issues which the mayor of Nikolaev resolved in the capital is delegation of power city ГАСКов to regional departments. The question of assignment for construction of affordable housing became one more critical moment.

- We had today a paradoxical situation. The resolution of Cabinet of Ministers cancelled rights ГАСКов (state architecturally - construction control - an edition) in the City Councils, - reportedVladimir Chaika. - They defined destiny of reception of objects from a toilet on a kitchen garden at the grandmother to big complexes. These objects were accepted by decisions of executive committees of the City Council in operation. Today this function transferred to civil services at the level of area. What turns out? Earlier the grandmother who constructed at itself on a site a shed 15 years ago, came to us to district executive committee, the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, and we the decision determined a shed by her property. Now this grandmother has to go to regional GASK and to coordinate at all levels - a sanstantion, firefighters and so on. And the grandmother became puzzled. Earlier we could file a lawsuit on illegal самозастрои, and now we address in higher GASK. We here owners or not owners? I was at the minister, and to him told that we with it disagreed. It excited me and excites further...

Vladimir DmitriyevichI noted that contrary to promises of the "big" power, formation of the budget happens on - former "from top to down" without interests of these "bottoms". And though the All-Ukrainian budget is filled at the expense of local, the city of the earned money practically doesn't see … The area doesn't share - the mayor considers.

- I also talked to the minister on a subject when funds which promisedwill be allocatedYulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko, as for construction of affordable housing.Where money for the city? Now distributed only 600 million on socially - economic programs, and these programs will go not through city council and the budget as we agreed, and they will go again through area, a regional council. And whether will allocate already a regional council any money - I don't know. For example, today already there are prerequisites - areas is allocated 12 million hryvnias for municipal roads? To the city of Nikolaev it is planned 800 тыся


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