On Igor Kovpak's memorial in Nikolaev to a pedestal there ascended the Olympic champion of Beijing Natalya Dobrynskaya

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Yesterday at the Central city stadium the memorial of the honored trainer of the USSR Igor Kovpak on high jumps took place. These competitions which are held the third year in a row, became the main event of "A track and field athletics festival" in Nikolaev.

Unfortunately, for various reasons on a memorial there was no whole group of strong jumpers. Including the favourite of the Nikolaev public, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Athens of Vit of Stepin, for which this tournament special as Igor Danilovich Kovpak was her trainer. On the eve of competitions of Vit was traumatized on training therefore on a memorial the titled jumper was present at quality of the viewer, helping young sportswomen council. According to Vita, injury of a foot at her not really serious, and at the beginning of June it plans to go to Yalta on a cup of Ukraine.

In the absence of Stepina all attention of several hundred admirers of track and field athletics was riveted on the Olympic champion of Beijing to a semiborka to Natalya Dobrynskaya. After competitions to it the turn of the admirers, wishing to take the autograph and to be photographed for memory was built. The well-known sportswoman who these days is on training collecting in Nikolaev, with pleasure responded to the offer to participate in Igor Kovpak's memorial. Besides high jumps - Dobrynskaya's skate, Natalya's personal record makes 190 cm

In total in sector on a day blaze of the sun there were five jumpers, each of which could expect to win. The first was "withdrawn" by inhabitant of Kiev Valentina Lyashenko. It was limited with a bar of 175 cm, cleared with the third attempt. Four her competitors sorted out the relations at the height of 180 cm which was decisive in distribution of prize-winning places. The level obeyed the Nikolaev jumper Elena Demidova from the first attempt. To her compatriot Oksana Okuneva, inhabitant of Kiev Natalya Dobrynskaya and the champion of Ukraine-2009 Natalya Gapchuk from Berdichev - with the second. At the height of 185 cm of all three attempts at this "the magnificent four" weren't successful.As a result Elena Demidova, and here on the second place won at once against two sportswomen - Dobrynskaya and Okuneva who acted as under a carbon paper. By the way, this day was marked for Oksana Okuneva by one more pleasant event. At the opening ceremony of competitions the president of regional federation of track and field athletics Inga Babakova handed over to the talented jumper a badge of the master of sports.

At men the favourite was known. Last year on Igor Kovpak's memorial young hersonets Andrey Protsenko surprised with a jump on 230 cm. The Nikolaev public waited from it for feat repetition, however Protsenko was limited to cool attempt on 215 cm. This modest result, however, for a victory sufficed. The challenge to hersonets was thrown down the Zaporozhets by Kirill Shimansky and nikolayevets Valentin Muzhanovsky which took 210 cm from the second and third attempts respectively. Both were close to subduing a level and at the following height, but it didn't develop. The chief judge of competitions Valentin Demidov, the father and Elena Demidova's trainer, summed up the results: Protsenko again the first, Shimansky - the second, Muzhanovsky - the third.

Awards to winners were handed over by the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika who noted that the city power always finds opportunity to support Igor Kovpak's memorial. The mayor also emphasized that in the near future the Central city stadium will change, and athletes won't compete in "building site" surroundings. Vladimir Chaika reported that following the results of the first quarter from city treasury, despite notorious crisis, three million hryvnias are in addition allocated for reconstruction of the main sports arena of area.

All participants of a memorial of Igor Kovpak noted the good organization of competitions. Among organizers regional federation of track and field athletics (president I. Babakova), regional sport management (chairman A. Sadovsky), горспорткомитет (chairman N. Rozdobudko), SDYuSShOR on track and field athletics (director A. Bugayev). In pauses of the audience entertained show - the Ukraine university ballet "Heart rhythms", acrobats and other actors.

High jumps. Memorial of the honored trainer of the USSR Igor Kovpak

Nikolaev. On May 15


1. A. Protsenko (Kherson) - 215 cm
2. K. Shimansky (Zaporozhye) - 210 cm
3. V. Muzhanovsky (Nikolaev) - 210 cm
4. V. Sitarsky (Nikolaev) - 205 cm
5. A. Kovalyov (Kherson) - 205 cm
6. V. Gerasimchuk (Nikolaev) - 200 cm
7. D. Voloshin (Nikolaev) - 200 cm
8..Slavov (Odessa) - N / р


1. E. Demidova (Nikolaev) - 180 cm
2. O. Okuneva (Nikolaev) - 180 cm
N. Dobrynskaya (Kiev) - 180 cm
4. N. Gapchuk (Berdichev) - 180 cm
5. V. Liashengko (Kiev) - 175 cm


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