The court limited a festival of gays to a framework of rooms, but opponents didn't doze: on Saturday poetic evening was broken, the militia rescued from disorders

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On Thursday the Nikolaev Central district court forbade gays and lesbians to hold the Iridescent Spring festival in the city, having recommended to be limited to actions in the closed rooms. However the court requested to announce a place of their carrying out. This question especially interested also opponents of sexual minorities.

On Saturday it became clear - why. On May 16 in Nikolaev, at 18 o'clock, about 40 representatives of the organization "Zaporozhye Cossacks", "Young Guard", the Dialog organization and members of religious communities broke carrying out in the House of the artist of poetic evening Kiev poetess Marta Kohan.

As the head of "League" Oleg Alyokhin told, aggressively adjusted crowd operated by people in the civilian, blocked a course to premises of showroom of the House of the artist, trying to provoke members of the Liga organization and guests of private action to a fight, by an insult in their address. In a hall of the exhibition center representatives of agency who were engaged in buffet reception preparation were blocked.

The management of Association was compelled to call representatives of law enforcement agencies who tried to settle a situation.

As a result of professional actions of the management of law enforcement agencies of the city it was succeeded not to allow collisions. However the crowd dispersed only after the management of Association removed two banners "Iridescent spring" and "The world by LGBT eyes".

After entrance unblocking by representatives of law enforcement agencies and security firm there was an established fact of disappearance of three works of photomasters from Kiev and Odessa.

Above-mentioned actions of representatives of the organizations "Zaporozhye Cossacks", "Young guard", the Dialog organizations and members of religious communities broke action. The photo exhibition was prematurely closed, poetic evening and a buffet reception - are cancelled.

Today, on Monday, May 18, the Nikolaev association of gays, lesbians and bisexuals "League" will address in law enforcement agencies with the statement for stealing of photoworks and for the fact of deliberate preventing of authorized activity of association.

- Such actions are inadmissible, - Oleg Alyokhin makes comments on events. - The European Union considers discrimination of sexual minorities by the most rough violation of human dignity and the basic principles on which it is founded. This statement on behalf of 27 - ми the European Union countries was made yesterday by the Czech Republic which presides in its governing bodies. The countries joined the document - candidates, including Turkey, and also Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. EU urged the states to investigate similar human rights violations and to condemn those who allowed them.

"The European Union rejects and condemns any manifestations of a homophobia because it represents the most rough violation of human dignity. He considers that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender accessory is incompatible with the basic principles on which EU … is founded by EU is deeply concerned with violations of the rights and fundamental freedoms of this sort where they occurred, including arbitrary arrests and detentions, deprivation of the right for peaceful assemblies … We urge the states to take all necessary measures that sexual orientation and gender identity under no circumstances weren't the cause of prosecution and that all cases of similar human rights violation were investigated, and those who makes them, indulged in court", - in particular, it is noted in EU statement.


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