Deputies and the architect of the city very were surprised, having seen in Levanevtsakh the mass of constructions which shouldn't be there

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On the residential district Levanevsky "attempts" in the form of earth capture under building of inhabited massifs are again made. The picket organized on last days off drew attention of representatives of a depuy corps of the Nikolaev city council to a problem.

Today into place "operations" there arrived the working commission as a part of the architect of the city of Nikolaev Alexander Bondarya, the chairman of the constant deputy commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations Vadim Merikov and the deputy of the City Council Sergey Zhayvoronk.

Deputies arrived not simply to communicate to locals, but also to look at a vicinity where allegedly the earth was taken and built up, but nobody paid attention to it. Inhabitants didn't become puzzled and at once began "excursion" on the thrown buildings which, it seems, were sold, but to whom and when, nobody knows. The thrown kindergarten which was redeemed and destroyed several years ago was shown to authorities. Showed also newly made garages for which construction nobody permitted, but all of them equally grew up, as mushrooms after a rain. Decided to arrange "excursion" on the river bank further. But, as it appeared, the coast and the river - that is but as to approach to it and how to walk on the coast? Deputies very much were surprised and with indignation treated construction of private houses.

Vadim Merikov noted that here these houses are under construction illegally that nobody permitted for their construction and is unclear why them in general here build.

Having dealt with constructions on the river bank, to deputies showed one more structure which not especially reminded a house. And again heap of questions: who resolved when construction and who the owner began?

On the end of excursion Vadim Merikov suggested inhabitants to create the working group where 5-6 people from the residential district Levanevsky will enter.

- It is necessary to organize a meeting with investors once and for all to stop this "slaughter", - Vadim Merikov summed up. - Let investors who повыкупали these all thrown buildings, will report, for what and for what purpose.Nobody will build high-rise buildings here. They here aren't necessary. It should give public publicity, that anybody any more le


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