People's Deputies in a question of reduction of the salary were cleverer than the joint venture and Cabinet of Ministers

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Nobody reduced deputy salaries. Elects nod on Cabinet of Ministers, and there - on Rada.

The history with reduction of salaries to People's Deputies starts resembling the detective story. At the end of April нардепы had to receive 7 thousand UAH, however money to them added in full. "I for April in time didn't manage to get paid, took away it a week ago. Gave 13 thousand, one thousand more hryvnias removed for truancies", - nunsovets Oles Dony told. "Really, in April with us paid off in full, - the communist Alexander Golub confirms. - Numbers 25-27 will give a salary for May. What it will be, we don't know".

Нардепы assure that the Cabinet of Ministers is guilty of a delay in reduction of salaries. Pier, deputy salary it is attached to a salary of ministers, and they don't hurry to hit own pocket. In the Cabinet say that all this is nonsense. According to Pyotr Krupko, the minister from Cabinet of Ministers, the government still made the decision twice to cut down on March 18 a salary to all ministers, including the prime minister. And since April 1 it is the resolution came into force. To affect deputies, speak in Cabinet of Ministers, they can't in any way. "There is a law on the status of People's Deputies, and payment of their work - part of the law which we can't change", - Krupko told. Sergey Sas, the first deputy head of procedural committee BP, insists: everything rests against the government, it has to understand this question. Pier, still on March 3 Rada charged to Cabinet of Ministers to develop the scheme of decrease in salaries, but is still made nothing therefore salaries don't reduce.

Deputies don't hide: from idea to reduce salaries to itself they not delighted, though voted for this decision. "I was a deputy in 1994-1995 when our salaries in recalculation made 100 dollars. The deputy felt as the beggar", - Sas remembers. It is sure that it is wrong, after all нардеп has to be independent. Today deputies can count on salaries of 14 thousand UAH, surcharges for hard and confidential work, and also for language skills. To deputies allocate from 10 to 17 thousand UAH for office, transportation and other costs and provide a car for trips across Kiev, however, наездить on it no more than 25 hours in a month are possible. Besides, to elects pay railway and air tickets, provide housing and pay mobile communication."Meanwhile we only received letters with a request to reduce negotiations on the mobile. But any radical actions didn't follow", - Alexander Golub told.

While precisely reduced earnings in the Cabinet, at least, the minister of Cabinet of Ministers Pyotr Krupko assured of it. So, the salary of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko decreased twice and makes only 16 thousand UAH (it will suffice it everything on two dresses), the first vice-to the prime minister to Oleksandr Turchynov should be content 15,5 thousand UAH, to the Minister of Defence Yury Ekhanurov - 9,5 thousand UAH

And here the minister of youth and sports affairs Yury Pavlenko should work for only 7 thousand. "At the end of April I received about 7 thousand instead of 14 thousand. I received so much because since January 1 I refused extra charges", - Pavlenko tells.

And here in the Secretariat of the president remained at blood. According to our source on Bank, salaries cut off to nobody, there went some other way and reduced people. "About 100 advisers and assistants should be reduced. Now officials of the first rank should perform work independently, but salaries kept in former volume", - tells us a source. Thus, both the president, and a top - structure of its Secretariat remained at former earnings. According to the declaration, Yushchenko's monthly salary - more than 40 thousand a month.


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