Whether A. Sadykov under "a female wing" V. Yushchenko will highly fly up?

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The blitz - криг V. Ulyanchenko, within two days "taken prisoner" both pro-presidential party, and the secretariat of the president, will surely affect further destiny of the main persons of the Nikolaev political beau monde of the last three years.

If to speak about current characters of political history of the region, difficulties can expect, first of all, those officials of a presidential vertical who came or returned to the power in the period of board of the first reception countryV. Balogi. This is the present head Nikolaev YEAHA. Garkusha, his deputiesH. It is rejected,V. Lustaetc., and also heads of the district state administrations.

Against public charges of requisitions of officials of the secretariat ("7 million dollars for a chair of the chairman of RGA", - vice-the speaker of BPN. Tomenko) "cleaning of ranks" in the joint venture and on places will happen as fast as possible and inevitably. As that is demanded also by pre-election developing attack, and, on all fronts.

But approach on the Nikolaev direction can have the special context (or implication) which can give it ex-the governor of ship edge and the leader of a regional Communist Party organization "our Ukraine"A. Sadykov.

For A.B.C. cardinally changed alignment of forces in fighting ranks of the party and a presidential staff promises the most various prospects, and after 2 - summer trench war invisible to the world, it can appear again on a white horse. And, one of the most skillful and careful female handles of the country will help it to jump in a saddle of a stagnant racer.

Despite a certain cooling in the relations with the president, A. Sadykov, seemingly, managed to keep favor of his spouseK. Yushchenko, supporting as far as possible its charitable project "Ukraine 3000", etc. They kept the friendly relations and thanks to his political "midwife" V. Ulyanchenko who at V. Baloge too had not the best times, being on financially attractive, but far from Bank to a post of the governor of Kiev region. And, of course,I. Gerashchenko, the kept devotion of Century.Yushchenko and in "our Ukraine", and in parliament, remaining in a near environment of the first lady of the country.

Another matter as A. Sadykov will want to dispose of the trump ladies' three-leaved mirror which has dropped out to it and as far as it will be an independent choice.

The temptation is unconditional, great to return to a governor's chair in native Nikolaev: at least thoroughly to take pleasure in second "ushestviye" of A. Garkusha and his appointees in regional and regional imperious limits. Not the smaller moral satisfaction could be had and from confusion contemplation, and even fear in the opinion of the former colleagues, the new political idols who have found to.

Whether but it is worth getting involved in long and bloody from both parties position war when behind A. Garkusha standsV. Litvin, for N. Brakovan -K. Grigorishin, for V. Lusta - V. Baloga, forS. Isakov-A. Yatsenyuk, forM. Rykhalsky-A. Gritsenko

So hardly A. Sadykov will spend so promising deal for himself and expensive time for a petty and unpromising satisfaction of regional value. Especially as such local operation can be organized and without leaving the capital, remaining in a comfortable role of the observer behind a punishment action, instead of its performer. But for this purpose it is necessary to occupy the highest observation deck on command point.

For example, to become one of V. Ulyanchenko's deputies as in the secretariat, and the campaign headquartersV. Yushchenko, about what already "гомонят" the informed Kiev mass media.

Here sociable and not ill-natured A. Sadykov could become one of the effective negotiators, capable to establish relation with come over to the side of the opponent colleagues across "our Ukraine" and "National self-defense".

Literally the other day, after political council meeting "WELL", it through local media close to "NANOSECOND" - resources signaled that didn't vote for the decision of political council to support the statementYu. Lutsenkoabout resignation. And, illustrating these publications of a photo about arrival of the disgraced Minister of Internal Affairs to Yuzhnoukrainsk three years ago, could get to these mass media only at the initiative of A. Sadykov.

This special position coincides with moods of his fellow soldiers on presidential campaign of 2004 -N. Martynenko,A. Tretyakova,AA.Zeynalova, which today, having entered with the most part of deputies of NUNS into the governmental coalition, maintain its integrity and make a stand for image of the prime ministerYu. Tymoshenko. Being the "orange" governor of the Nikolaev area, he was able to find a common language and with the governmentV. Yanukovych.

And if the noticeable part in unifying process old and the lyubikh друзив the president V. Yushchenko isn't assigned to A.Sadykov, chances to enter into the government as the same head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations at it are very high. Its candidate will be apprehended also by For Ukraine groupV. Kirilenko, which resolutely supported in due time A. Sadykov in fight against V. Lusta for leadership in the regional organization "NU", both "NUNS" as a whole, and part of BYuT and PR, both communists, and litvinovets (if the former Nikolaev governor doesn't start "digging" under present). And in this case "ETs" voices for ministerial future A.B.C. can not be necessary, and main "edinotsentrist" of area and the deputy head YEAH V. Lusta can have difficulties with the secretariat of the president without V. Balogi.

As we know from reliable sources, A. Sadykov next week plans to visit native Penates, and we will have a chance to find out how above assumptions coincide with a real situation.


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