Party of Regions and communists finally forbade translation in Ukraine of the Russian TV channels

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made changes to the Law of Ukraine "About advertizing" (concerning reduction in compliance with the European convention on cross-border television).

306 People's Deputies voted for adoption of law as a whole from 426, registered in a sessional hall.

Under the law, telesale has to contain necessary, available, reliable audiovisual information about goods which are offered. Time of a broadcasting and telesale share for astronomical days and/or hour joins and is a component of time of the broadcasting allowed for advertizing and a share of advertizing, defined by this Law, in the actual volume of a broadcasting for astronomical days and/or hour the teleradio organizations of any form of ownership. Telesale shouldn't induce children to purchase or rent of goods;

Cinema translation - and television movies if their planned duration exceeds 45 minutes, can be rummaged by advertizing or any editorial, author's or information material (including announcements of programs, transfers) once in everyone full 45 - the minute period.

The subsequent interruptions are allowed if the planned duration of translation exceeds not less than for 20 minutes two or more full 45 - the minute periods.

Sponsorship a body - and радиопедач with use of names of medicines which are provided and extend only according to the instruction (recipe) of the doctor, and concrete medical services is forbidden, namely: methods of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and the rehabilitation which application needs special knowledge and preparation.

From Regional committee: It is known that to insert five-minute advertizing through everyone 10 (in exceptional cases - 15) minutes of translation of movies and telecasts - distinctive feature of the central Russian TV channels which were broadcast in Ukraine. That is interesting, agrees to data of BP from 175 deputies of the party of regions voted pro 121 at 54 absent, than and provided adoption of law. The Communist Party gave 27 voices from 27 present at fraction. And the smallest percent gave BNUNS - 17 of 72 …


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