Yushchenko about a gaming ban: "My veto will overcome next day"

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The president Victor Yushchenko offered together with representatives of a gaming this week to develop and submit to the Verkhovna Rada of the offer to the law adopted by parliament on a temporary ban of a gaming.

About this Yushchenko told representatives of a gaming who picket the Ukrainian house where on Monday passes a forum "The power and business - partners", reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

"I have 4 days to make the decision... ", - Yushchenko told. In his opinion, the law which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, is populist, "the prime minister from this proceeded, the Verkhovna Rada" from this proceeded.

Yushchenko noted that he can apply the veto to the law, however it will give nothing. "If I simply veto its (law), this veto will be overcome next day", - the head of state told. According to the president, it is wrong to apply the moratorium.

Yushchenko suggested picketing to take part in development of offers to the law.

It is known that the Cabinet the order of May 7 suspended licenses of gambling institutions for one month.

The tragedy in Dnepropetrovsk where on the night of May 7 on the first floor of the five-floor house in the slot machine hall there was a fire became a reason for such measures. Nine people, including three employees of an institution were lost. 11 victims are hospitalized.

Later, on May 15, the parliament adopted the law on a ban of a gaming and participation in gamblings.

The law comes into force from the moment of publication and works before adoption of the special legislation providing the right of implementation of a gaming in specially created game zones.

From the moment of the introduction of the law in force licensing for activity implementation on the organization and carrying out gamblings in Ukraine stops. Thus, according to the law, the licenses, granted to subjects of business activity about day of coming into effect of this law, are cancelled.

The law provides for its violation a penalty of 8 thousand.minimum wages with confiscation of the gaming equipment, and the income from carrying out gambling is subject to transfer in the state budget.

According to the document, the organization and carrying out lotteries, game don't treat gamblings in billiards, size, other games which don't provide a prize and a prize.

In the law it is entrusted to the Cabinet to develop within 3 months the special law on a gaming in Ukraine and special territories where game activity will be allowed.

The law isn't signed yet by the president.


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