In "Regions" want apologies from Germans for damage of reputation from scandal with Lutsenko

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Despite the decision of Land court of Berlin on the case of a public denial the Bild newspaper of information concerning the son of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko of Alexander, deputies of the party of regions aren't ready to abandon the claim of resignation of the minister Lutsenko yet.

Thus they shift all responsibility to the authorities of Germany, the newspaper writes"The businessman - Ukraine".

"If the court confirms that no violations from our delegation existed, then we will insist that the German party publicly apologized in front of Ukraine for the damage caused to reputation of the country", - the member of temporary commission of inquiry on incident investigation at the Frankfurt airport Mikhail Chechetov (Party of Regions) declared.

"What denial in the newspaper can be? Accused for the whole world, and are going to apologize silently, where - that in a toilet? Such shouldn't be - let publicly recognize that were wrong", - he emphasized.

According to the deputy if the German party isn't ready to public apologies, it has to provide all materials concerning this incident members of temporary commission of inquiry gave it "objective morally - an ethical assessment".

It is known that the text of the decision of Land court of Berlin on the case of a public denial by the Bild newspaper of information on incident with participation якоюы the drunk son Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko Alexander and the Interior Minister of Ukraine who occurred at the airport of "Frankfurt am Main" (Germany) on May 4 was published on May 26.

According to a judgment, the Internet - the edition has to publish the denial made personally by Alexander Lutsenko, "without inserts and omissions, is urgent and without monetary collecting from the claimant".

Thus by court it is accurately stipulated that the word "denial" has to be allocated graphically, its size has to correspond to the size and a font of the name of article "Is too drunk! The captain of "Lufthansa" didn't take with himself the minister".

Thus in the annex to the judgment it is noted that video where incident with participation of the minister and his son in the airport of Frankfurt am Main would be recorded, doesn't exist.


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