The scandalous deputy of Avakova Chebotar resigned

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The Deputy Interior Minister Sergey Chebotar resigned.

The corresponding statement of the official I published a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs.

«Due to the systematic persecution in the form of custom-made publications of slanderous character in mass media;

Due to the distribution of the false information discrediting not only my name, but also the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Due to pressure upon my family in the form of prosecutions, intimidations, threats and illegal shadowing me and my family, including the daughter and even the four-year-old granddaughter, I made the decision to resign.

I declare that all my activity at a position of the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine - the chief of staff was directed ​​ on updating and clarification of personnel structure of militia, the organization of qualitatively new, modern, honest and effective system of law-enforcement bodies, suppression and investigation of corruption schemes (beginning from EDAPS and finishing with criminal schemes in GAI. Total amount of the opened thefts reached one billion hryvnias for today).

From the first days of aggression of Russia I made all efforts for support and providing the voluntary and special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs created by the Minister of Internal Affairs assumed the first blow of the enemy. All know that our divisions from the point of view of strength of mind and material security only were ready to fight back at the beginning an aggressor. I am proud of that brought the small contribution in this work.

I claim that soiled nothing the honor and is ready to provide all documents and any explanations of the episodes which are rather incriminated to me publicly and non-public for both law enforcement agencies, and journalists, for the objective, not engaged and honest investigation.

I insist that, disregarding my resignation, bodies of prosecutor's office made careful professional investigation of all episodes of corruption, abuses of official position, abuse of authority and other offenses which were shown me in mass media.

I hope that results of investigation will be published and my name will be cleared of fabricated charges, and names of customers and performers of this persecution will become property of the public.

I am sure that I will be able to protect the reputation and to continue work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people» , - it is said in Chebotar's statement.

It is known that many accuse the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Sergey Chebotar of corruption and repeatedly demanded from Avakov to dismiss him. In particular, the People's Deputy Nikolay Tomenko addressed in The Prosecutor General's Office that that checked Chebotar on participation in sale of positions. At the same time, Avakov declared that isn't going to dismiss Chebotar suspected of corruption. 

Also on the eve of Avakov's appointment as the Minister of Internal Affairs for the second time the head of fraction «Blok Petro Poroshenko» Yury Lutsenko demanded from it to dismiss Chebotar from the deputy minister's position.

Besides one more people's deputy from BPP Sergey Kaplin declared that that in office of the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar found «black accounts department» . 

We will note that the People's Deputy Victoria Syumar declared that mixed in the history with beating of journalists the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar has to retire and therefore, most likely, it won't return from holiday in which now is.

We will remind that in To the Verkhovna Rada people's deputies began petition for resignation of the Interior Minister Avakov from - for his scandalous deputy Chebotar

Роман Свиридов

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