The ex-the ambassador of Ukraine in the USA Yury Shcherbak declares that in Russia nourish idea for capture of territories of Ukraine.

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The diplomat notes that for this purposealready the public opinion as in Russia, and in the West prepares. About the anti-Ukrainian moods among Russians "Editor-in-chief" wrote not so long ago. Yury Shcherbak's article about aggressive intentions of Russia appeared in the Ukrainian newspaper "Day" last week. After it reprinted many Russian editions, I became interested in opinion of the author and the American magazine "Taym", in which main article the opinion of the Ukrainian diplomat is quoted. "Editor-in-chief" decided to address directly to Yury Nikolaevich to find out on what his forecasts are based.

Whether you waited for such resonance from the article?

No, as it seemed to me that it is obvious things. I quoted (and, I think, I did it very objectively) the Russian sources, analyzed a situation. Moreover, I wanted to inform thought that threats to Ukraine concerning a desuverenization, concerning disintegration of Ukraine aren't equitable to strategic interests Russia, Ukraine. This situation is counterproductive for the relations between our countries. What we now see? The Russian mass media mill the only thesis: Ukraine here - here will break up, here - here will go out of business. It is usual ideological preparation then to prove possible actions - including military - against Ukraine. The Russian promotion pursues one more aim - to prepare public opinion of the West that supposedly Ukraine - absolutely not reliable partner, Ukraine is a cancelled state.

All know that in Russia mad anti-Ukrainian promotion is conducted.It even was confirmed recently by ambassador of Ukraine very constrained in the statements in Russia Konstantin Grishchenko, having told that he is disturbed too by moods in the Russian society: 60% of Russians consider Ukraine as the hostile state, but in Ukraine of 90% amicably belong to Russia. My article it is simple ascertaining. In a material I referred to serious researches and showed that Central Asian allies of Russia now are in a dangerous zone for development of the states, they are close to failed state status (the cancelled states). Russia is much closer to this dangerous zone, than Ukraine - at all our confusion, at all strange meanders of our domestic and foreign policy. It seems to me that it is objective and reflects present realities.

You really believe what Russia will venture war? In total - it is too fantastic...

There are two options of how Russia can solve the economic problems connected with crisis. The first: turn to normal and equal cooperation with Ukraine. As our economy is very connected, we could win from cooperation - but not by submission and transformation of Ukraine into the vassal. And the second option which, unfortunately, can't be excluded: if the leadership of the Russian Federation comes to a conclusion that it is necessary to think up new ways of association of the Russian society which strongly suffers from crisis. Probably, the Russian power will come to such vicious conclusion to carry out any victorious campaign, to win against the imaginary enemy. Ukraine as you understand, is the imaginary, thought-up enemy. I think that in the Russian management there is a group of hawks who consider this option, and it is impossible to deny it. It is impossible to tell in advance that this option will win. I would like that it wasn't. I would like that won against option of peaceful development.

Now many experts say that the third gas war becomes ripe. The Russian management already declared inability of Ukraine to pay for gas. Whether will undermine it finally trust to Ukraine in the West?

Won't undermine. In January on all channels send charge to Ukraine. And the West all the same remained on the party of Ukraine because understood, who the owner of gas and the gate. I had opportunity to be convinced that the European countries on our party, during the recent meetings of Germany, passable on rather high expert and political level.The West understands that Ukraine in the same way was object of manipulations, instead of the subject of certain relations with Russia in this question. I don't exclude a new gas aggravation between Ukraine and Russia. "Gazprom" can go to it to break preparation for a heating season, for winter - and it it is clear because we survived during the second gas war first of all thanks to the Ukrainian storages. It is possible that and this scenario will be implemented. And the West too understands it. EU in March signed the declaration on modernization of the Ukrainian GTS with Ukraine. And I don't think that in interests of Russia would be to aggravate unexpectedly the relations with the European Union because the chief supplier of money to Russia is the European Union. And now in so difficult crisis conditions would be suicide to refuse EU money.

Your forecasts actually coincided on time with not diplomatic statements of the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin who quoted the white general Anton Denikin. The head of the Russian government calls Ukraine "malorossiy"...

I claimed all the time that Russia is created as the denikinsky state. I once addressed to our communists who serve Russia, without understanding, what Russia now - the Ukrainian communists on most serve denikinets. The present Russian power is followers the denikinskikh of traditions. And what such denikinsky traditions? It - "great and indivisible Russia", no Ukraine is present, there is Malorossiya. Why to denikinets showed such resistance in Ukraine? Why against them country movement rose, makhnovsky movement, eventually UNR army rose? Denikintsa were enemies national - liberation movements. Actually denikinets are involved in final disorder of the Russian Empire. Bolsheviks beat them because met national interests of the people of imperial Russia. These are known lessons of history. If to repeat now denikinets in so many years when in consciousness of the people the understanding of national independence when there is other international environment it already took roots it is simple return to archaic, reactionary postulates of the past. In the XXI century hardly it can be productive.

The Russian president created the commission on counteraction of falsification of history. How it can concern Ukraine?

It is directly connected with Ukraine and the Baltic States. With anything other.I now read many statements of the Russian experts expressing full disagreement with creation of such commission. Really there is a set of controversial questions both concerning World War II, and concerning post-war development - their set, and they can't be solved gendarme methods, creating any commissions with the assistance of power structures. They can be solved only by difficult and long discussions between historians of the different countries. This way already there passed Europe. Both the relations between France and Germany, between Poland and Germany were a subject of long discussions - first of all historians. Poland didn't refuse the treatments, say, the German occupation and a Nazism role in destiny of the country when 6-7 million Poles were lost. And any country won't refuse the understanding of history. Commission creation in Russia is absolutely wrong way.

So after all it is possible to adopt the law against Stalin's descendants and to declare Stalin's descendants of all who states any ideas of the centralized power, ideas of not democratic development. It is simply to make it. But it is a fruitful way? No, it absolutely deadlock and senseless because the court, and often this business not jurisdictional, but business of belief can ascertain guilt of certain persons only. Therefore it seems to me that all this invention is very dangerous first of all to Russia.


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