The governor of the Nikolaev area too against slot machines

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It is known that the Cabinet of Ministers accepted the normative document in which, before carrying out the corresponding check, activity of game institutions is forbidden. Such checks, by wordsAlexey Garkusha, carry already out both law-enforcement bodies, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Gospromgornadzor. The part of the Nikolaev game halls is already checked, and to what there are no claims, continue the doubtful business, and those which activity doesn't answer standards of the current legislation, are closed.

At recent meeting "The power and business" in the capital where there was a governor, the President took an interest in opinion of "game" businessmen on this matter. And the power, and they came to a consensus: the ban can lead to criminalization of this business, there is nothing therefore to do, for confiscation of machine guns there are no legal grounds, and therefore - game institutions it is necessary... to integrate that they were subject to control, to determine the space occupied by them, contributions.

Alexey Garkusha's opinion concerning activity of such institutions the sharply negative: for the last half a year he didn't sign any permission to opening of new game halls. He considers, they should be forbidden simply. Or to turn out in places, specially certain for this purpose in each area or in Ukraine. But the Russian experience shows that it is unrealistic: anybody from Altai doesn't go to Kuzbass to play.

According to the head Nikolayevskaya YEAH, really state decision is required. The president was given 10 days to sign the law on the termination of activity of the game institutions, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada or to veto on it. But the quantity of the votes given at the adoption of the law, has to suffice for overcoming of the Presidential veto, the governor considers.


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