IFC "Nikolaev" beat "Bukovina" with the account 3:0

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Soccer. Championship of Ukraine. Second league. A

Before game

"Bukovina" having experience of performances in the highest and first leagues, in recent years already середнячк the second league. And though on the eve of start of present tournament her head coach Victor Mglinets said that the team received a task to raise in a class, for the first place she didn't participate in fight. And in spring part of competitions Chernovitsky football players without three technical victories gathered only six points.

In the national championships rivals met seven times. Against IFC "Nikolaev" won five matches, including game of the first circle - 3:1.


3Zhizhiyan (63')18Mozhaev
23Makoviychuk (82')2Hlaponin
15Lakusta10Belous (81')
9Speckled15Chaus (84')
19Blazhko (58')7Heats (83')
10Kerchu16Komyagin (85')
18Semenyuk13DOVZHIK (87')
14Petrishin (46')9Ротань (90')
27112017211622Dzhura Temerivsky (46') Ukrainian Georgiychuk (58') Todorovich Klochko (82') Lysyuk (63')1658141711Cholariya Gorobets (87') Okhrimenko (90') Veliyev (83') Shimko (84') Fisherman (85') Krivoruchko (81')
The head coach -
The head coach -
Mikhail KALITA

Attendance:On May 30, Chernovtsy, Bukovina stadium, +20о, 500 viewers.
Arbitrators:M. Mitrovsky (Uzhgorod), Ya. Bits, Yu. Suryak (both is Lviv), Yu. Moseychuk (Chernovtsy).
Delegate of FFU:I. Pavlenko (Vinnytsia).
Preventions:Skibinsky (33'), Speckled (42'), Goncharenko (55').
Goals:0:1 - Chaus (17'), 0:2 - Rotan (63'), 0:3 - Belous (80')

Football players of "Bukovina", as well as it is necessary to owners, a meeting began actively. After Semenyuk's distant blow the ball flew by near a bar, and Klimus from a penalty checked it on durability.

Guests also weren't going to sit out in defense and at once began to work with the emphasis on attack. Already on 17-й to minute the audience on tribunes saw a goal, however, not in those gate as they wanted. Two Nikolaev players contacted the defender and the goalkeeper, played a pass and Chaus at a short distance transported a ball to the purpose. 1:0!

Owners at once made attempts to even the score, and organized couple of sharp attacks. Finishing them, Temerivsky struck blow over a crossbeam, Speckled - near a bar. At IFC "Nikolaev" Chaus who has punched very tightly with a crossbeam could cause a stir again. After penalty draw Rotan got to this part of gate, and Goncharenko in a similar situation got with a ball into the goalkeeper Bakhtiyarov.
In the second time game developed according to the same scenario. The local team played more actively, guests - more sharply. At first two scoring chances weren't used by "Bukovina". After penalty draw the road to a ball was blocked by "Nikolaev" debuting as a part of IFC the goalkeeper Bobko, after giving angular - the defender. Then in similar situations at the antiput gate Dovzhik and Chaus in turn punched near a bar. Soon the rain began, and the wet field introduced amendments in actions of the parties. Football players it didn't become necessary to slide and count on high-speed actions any more. Nikolayevtsa Rotan adapted to it, and on 63-й to minute quicker, having used an error of protection, directed a ball to destination. 2:0!

I could strike gate of the rival and Belous, however punched directly in the rival. Then twice from far away I tried to change Kerchu's account, but his blows didn't have enough accuracy. The adjusted total of a match was established by Belous. Having intercepted transfer Makoviychuka, Andrey on 80-й to minute I struck blow and a ball, having flown by between Bakhtiyarov's feet, it appeared in a grid of gate. 3:0!

On it game practically came to the end. Chernovitsky football players finally reconciled to defeat, and trainers of IFC "Nikolaev" in a row made six replacements.

After game

The head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Mikhail Kalita noted that the success came as a result of laborious work on trainings and the diligence shown in a match with "Bukovina".

- Children very much wanted to be rehabilitated before the management of club and fans for an annoying misfire in a house meeting.Therefore most responsibly approached to a today's meeting. Showed character and persistence, as it was embodied in successful result. I want to allocate nobody: today all team won!

Together with collective on a match the president of IFC "Nikolaev" Nikolay Nikolaevich Marchenko went to Chernovtsy also:
- I will tell honestly that our team played exactly as we from it and waited. I already managed to thank football players for the shown courage and skill. In my opinion, today we saw that soccer which so dreams to see both our president Anatoly Valeev, and admirers of team. It is a pity only a little that this match took place on departure, instead of in Nikolaev. But it is convinced, as in the hometown the team will please all with bright, attacking game!

Player of a match

Andrey Belous became the player of a match, according to the "Nikolaev" news. This forward acting in the regional championship, sought to get to IFC "Nikolaev". In this season his dream came true and now Andrey tries to bring an advantage maximum to team which supported since the childhood. In a match with "Bukovina" it hammered the first ball in its structure.

Review of round

32-й round. On May 30 (Saturday)
Dnepr - the Carpathians-2 -- : +
T field. - Nafk -1:2
Dynamo - Khmelnytsky - Ros -2:1
Оболонь-2 - V.'s Field -- : +
Unity - FC of Korosten -+:-
Reigning-2 - the Arsenal -- : +
On May 31 (Sunday)

CSKA - Veres

Ternopol "Field" didn't manage to decide destiny of the only permit in the first league. For this purpose it on - former doesn't have only one point. "Nafk" doesn't know defeats here already nine matches in a row. As well as "Dynamo" which has taken from "Rosy" let and a modest revenge for defeat in the first circle - 1:5.

1FIELD OF T30207345:2267
3FIELD IN30177635:2458
11IFC NIKOLAEV301091127:2639
15FC KOROSTEN30822024:3923
16OBOLON - 231542220:3119

33-й round
On June 7 (Sunday)

IFC Nikolaev - Obolon-2
FC of Korosten - Arsenal
V.'s field - Unity
I grew - Bukovina
Nafk - Dynamo - Khmelnytsky
Veres - the T Field.
Carpathians-2 - CSKA
Bastion - Dnepr


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